History is one of the elemental aspects of the society today. This is because historical events form the foundation of which major perspectives and entities operate across the globe. The historical undertakings. The historical events are also essential towards guiding the manner in which current and future entities are handled because they give the frameworks along which major events can be management and controlled. The United States is one of the countries that have a rich heritage that is manifested in the historical events. This is because the influence that was laid by the historical perspectives forms the guidelines and the foundation along which the citizens operate in the current world. Some of the major historical events that are memorable in the history of the United States is the influence that was laid by the wars that America Participated. These wars had massive engagements from the soldiers and all the citizens in America and they led to the development of various social, cultural, economic and industrial perspectives. Some of the areas of major concern that were also initiated massively by the historical events in the United States include freedom, equality and women rights. Freedom was one of the key factors that motivated the struggle by the soldiers in the civil war and the World War I. For instance, the United States was not ready to engage in the First World War, and it had signed an agreement to remain neutral. However, the massive interference by Germany into the diplomatic issues associated with the United States made the soldiers go to war in order to protect the sovereignty of the United States. This is one of the factors as to why the people in America are subjected to massive freedom in the national and global scale. In order to get the freedom, the soldiers went through a lot of suffering and torture that made them sacrifice their comfort and well-being for the ultimate freedom and comfort of the civilians. Therefore, the engagements of the soldiers in World War I which gave the Americans the rights and freedom to operate like freed entities without any external and illegitimate internal interference. Consequently, this led to an increase in the quality of life for the people of the United States because of the massive protection they enjoyed from the victory and dedication of the people. In order to enhance the freedom, this period also initiated a period of massive industrial revolution that was an essential aspect of economic independence that led to promoting the freedom of the people.
History promoted the elimination of various social classes and thus leading to equality. The engagements of the people before the struggles that were experienced in civil war exhibited massive slavery and discrimination against the black and other people that were not American natives. The engagements of the north and the south through the civil war led to radical movements that advocated for equality in the society as practical way of ending discrimination and this was one of the major roots of the freedom that is experienced in the world today concerning the equal treatment of people in the society.
Women constituted one of the social groups that were subjected to massive discrimination before the 20th century. However, the emergence of civil rights bodies and industrial revolution led to the empowerment of women and this made them critical members of the society that can be involved in national development and industrial activity just like the men in the society. In order to enhance the rights to freedom among the women that are enjoyed today, the civil rights movement assisted in the constitution and legislation of the rights of women that gave them the ability make their voices heard in the society.

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