Tourism is traveling for leisure and business purposes. Tourism can also be traveling and staying in a place for not more than a year. Tourism is one of the most promising drivers of growth for the world economy. According to the article written by Minnaert, tourism is the main source of income in the foreign exchange for most countries. There has been increased destinations and tourism development. Tourism has been a source of employment for many people. Being internationally traded service tourism has captured the world’s largest markets. There are many incomes which are generated through tourism, for example, transportation of passengers.

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The article has further described the role of tourism as increasing global economy influence. The tourism has created many jobs and the incomes from the sector have been on an increasing trend. There are several financial crises the world of tourism has managed to survive. Uncertainties have been brought by economic recovery and increased fiscal and financial challenges. Political factors have affected the tourism sector causing its recovery to be slow. Tourism promotes self-education and fulfillment when practiced with an open mind. It also improves the learning of people’s culture and their diversity (Minnaert 285).

There are so many negative impacts of tourism which the author has failed to discuss. Tourism growth has been uncontrollable and unsustainable. There have been many private enterprises which have dominated the tourism sector just to get money. Through tourism, there has been a lot of intrusions on family life and privacy loss. Most tourist sectors have taken the best cities in the economies they are in. There are many costs associated with tourists, for example, cost for development of roads, airports and other infrastructures. These costs have always been falling on governments which use tax payer’s money. The jobs which are said to come with tourism are seasonal in nature with some paying so poorly while raising the prices of services and goods.

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