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Culture of India

Because cultures are patterns of traditions and behaviors, it is easy to categorize everyone within a culture as being roughly the same. However, this is a mistake. Within cultures there is diversity, counterculture, and emerging norms and traditions that lead to differences between generations. Likewise, within any given geopolitical area,...

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The Purpose of Indian Art

One of the purposes of the Indian art is portraying religion and its elements. Being a spiritual community, Indians have many gods and use art to express their beliefs in different ways (Mackenzie 21). The presence of sculptures, drawings, and other pieces of art at home and in other private...

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The Comparison of Economies of India and China Today

The economies of China and India have grown tremendously over the past few decades, making the two countries to emerge as giants in the global economy. The Chinese and Indian growth prospects are expected to vary as they encounter different internal conditions. Reportedly, China’s economy has slowed down with India’s...

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Sexism in India

Being a feminist in India has been a tough journey in my life. I come from the southern Asian part of the world where gender prejudice still exists. Despite the changing times where women are empowered, the old traditions still exist in the remote parts of the country. That said,...

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Revolt Against the British in India

Various reasons triggered Indians revolt against the British in 1857 (History Chunks 2014). To begin with, people started to find additional ideas for revolting against the British rule as the Indian revolt started to gain energy. Subsequently, princely families were able to join the Sepoy Mutiny because of the changes...

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India’s Water Crisis

The following research paper takes a close look at the topic of India’s water crisis. In particular, the CNN article by Yeung et al. (2019) called “India's Sixth Biggest City is Almost Entirely Out of Water” was selected for the analysis. A series of other online articles were retrieved in...

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Indian Philosophies

The Aryan society is essential in the philosophical legacy of India whose presence in the country increased significantly in between 2000 and 1500 B.C.E. Even though there are several philosophical schools of thought in India; the main ones include the Buddhist and Hindu methods. More so, these schools of thought...

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China’s and India’s Economic Growth Prospects

The economies of China and India have grown rapidly over the recent past, which leads to the prediction that the two emerging giants will transform the international economy in various ways in the future. Despite the gross domestic product (GDP) growth in both countries, China has been experiencing a slow...

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China and India: a Country Comparison

China and India are two countries that tend to attract a great deal of attention because they are the two most populous countries in the world. Given that, however, they differ extensively in many areas such as type of government, culture, and economic status. Nevertheless, they also share certain commonalities,...

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National Child Labour Project

Project Description The objective of the Child labor reduction project is to address the problem of child labor in Indian’s brick-making industry. There are over 100 000 million brick kilns in India. Between 65 and 80 of the 23 million workers in the industry are children below 14 years old...

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Abortion in India

India is a developing country that is full of contrasts that become obvious through socioeconomic and cultural disparities. Currently, the country is in the state of transition because, on the one hand, the prevalence of poverty and number of people living in poverty, struggling to survive is horrific, and, on...

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Election Systems of Brazil, India, and the Netherlands

The election systems in countries around the world vary considerably, in regards to the way that they are conducted, the types of ballots used, eligibility of voters, and other factors that play a significant role in the outcomes. This essay will describe the electoral systems of India, Brazil, and the...

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Environmental Scan on India

Executive Summary India has been rated as one of the fastest-growing markets in the world economy. Its leadership in market growth means that India has a big potential for overseas corporations that aim to earn revenues by satisfying the consumption demand of the developing middle class in India. While Apple’s...

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Asia’s Future Security Landscape

I agree with the perception of India having a significant influence on Asia’s future security landscape, while Southeast Asia has negligible influence over their future security landscape. This is because India is a key participant in the Asian-Pacific zone balance of power alongside the United States (U.S), Japan, and China....

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The Rise of India

How might (a) US pharmaceutical companies and (b) US consumers benefit from the rise of the Indian pharmaceutical industry? American pharmaceutical companies can benefit by outsourcing some of their operations to the Indian market, where there exists a confluence of conditions that make manufacturing cheaper while not compromising too much...

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A Passage to India

For this assignment it was required to watch one of the films chosen by the course instructor. The film that was chosen for this assignment was the 1984 critically acclaimed film: A Passage to India. The synopsis of the film is that it is about British rule over India in...

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Post Colonial Cinema in India

National films cultures are determined by the common history of the people. They are determined by a common religion, and traditions of art and literature that have evolved over time (Nochimson, p. 14). Until the British arrived in the late 18th and early 19th century, national culture in India enjoyed...

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