The Australian Aborigine league was formally founded by William in 1936, soon after his arrival in Melbourne. The organization had its constitution, policies and office bearer where membership belonged to the Aborigine though non-Aborigines could become associate members. Australian curriculum and assessment reporting authority recognizes the importance of the Australian history for the young people to acknowledge the culture of the Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders.
In order to provide indigenous studies for all students, I will ensure they have access to historical books from the school library. Most schools do not have historical libraries where students can go and read more about their history, and this is the reason why there is poor performance in all historical subjects in school (Jacob et al., 2018). I will ensure libraries are set aside where students will be able to go and learn more about history. Reading from different historical books will enable students appreciate Aboriginal culture since it is one of the ancient cultures in Australia (Reyhner & Kumar, 2018). At the end of every teaching lesson, I will ask questions related to what I teach so that students can do more research and acquire knowledge.

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Introduction of historical debates will play a significant role since students will compete with other students from different schools meaning history will be taught just like any other subjects. Having a debate will enable students understand better about their culture and other cultures and be able to respect other people’s way of life (Keane, 2018). I will create awareness on the importance of knowing the Australian culture through the use of different school channels to encourage more students to join the history classes.

Currently, most of the school curriculums do not include the teaching of indigenous education which is very important because it allows students to know more about different cultures and appreciate them in the society. The government needs to support the teaching of indigenous education in schools and put it as one of the compulsory subjects.

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