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Women’s Equality

About fifty years ago, many Americans could not conceive the idea women’s equality. Many women could not take up white-collar jobs and perform their household chores satisfactorily. Thus, women did not have the inner motives to be equal with men in many areas in life, such as education and political...

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Do Students Need Better Libraries?

Inequality certainly has an impact on the life chances and school success of K-12 students in American public education. There is however a difference between correlations of this inequality and real solutions to help students meeting their full potential. The key educational issue raised in Constantino’s article were that children...

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Latin Women: We are People Too

The issue of racial discrimination is an age-old problem that has plagued many societies in the world. America is particularly known for the problem with many residents, especially those from minority communities (Soyl and Buchanan 249). The issue is local, since most people can associate with the problem, but is...

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Striking Inequality of American Schools

It seems that our society discusses inequality and discrimination all the time. Unfortunately, all discussions often remain just conversations and rarely become something more than that. This is very sad because a lot of people in America are discriminated and they really need help. People suffer from social inequality everywhere...

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Education Equality

Education throughout the world assumes many different forms and represents a means of developing new strategies to improve learning and the overall potential of students. This process supports the continued growth and development of new methods of teaching and learning to enable students to obtain new knowledge and skills to...

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