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Social Stratification Essay

The most important element of social stratification, as I have taken it from this term, is how it seems to be an inevitable and complex system in virtually any culture. It is a framework, in a sense, and one based upon a wide variety of factors. Gender, economic status, class,...

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Social Class

Social class is something that I only grew to become aware of as I grew up, as my parents never really discussed it with me openly. Now that I am older, I know that my family is largely middle, if not upper middle class; my parents are both professionals, one...

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Understanding Disability

Over the past years people with any form of disability were usually hidden away from the society and denied the chance of living a normal life. However currently this situation has changed but not for the better since despite not being hidden they are now shut out of homes, buildings,...

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The Truths and Misconceptions of Leaning In Too Deep

In Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?” and Bell Hooks’ “Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In”, the writers take on opposing viewpoints of women in the work place’s ability to achieve equality and climb up the corporate ladder in modern day America. In Sandberg’s article,...

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The Matrix of Domination

The concept of the matrix of domination is one that requires an understanding of the things that form the matrix. The domination to which Patricia Hill Collins is referring to is the local, national, and global system of supremacy that oppresses those who do not fit into the hegemonic view...

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European Union and Inequality

Given how much hopes were placed in the European Union at its inception, especially in its ability to raise the living standards of all those who had great hopes placed in the disappearing of borders, there is today only doubts. All that was once praised about tariffs, currency barriers, in...

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Community Engagement Grand Opening

Second chances are an alternative school’s mantra, but simply shuffling a student through the same steps in which they struggled previously is the definition of insanity. It will not produce better or different results. The Resiliency Preparatory Academy aims to create new steps that will encourage and benefit students, families,...

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Stories of Young Women Homesteading

As the young women came to realize, life in the wilderness was something which was significantly more difficult than many of them had come to realize. The tribulations of conducting ones' self in a way which is conducive for survival in such a harsh and sometimes forgiving wasteland proved to...

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Education Inequality and Society

Education stands as one of the bedrocks of society. Specifically, it is the force that provides society with the basis for its development, gives society a base of able workers, and allows for proper political participation. It has been noted by many strategists and analysts that in order for individuals...

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Women’s Equality Debate

The subject of women's equality is one of the most consistent topics of debate in contemporary political discourse. While several people argue that a state has now been reached in which can be understood to experience an actually equal position within society, it is possible to claim that, when actually...

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Outcast: Society’s Label

In society today, the term outcast applies to anyone who does not want to go with the mainstream culture. An outcast is technically someone who is cast out from society. Sometimes an outcast is purposefully an outcast by habits and choices. Other times an outcast can be someone who does...

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Current Issues in First Nations Overall

Aboriginal individuals have a long and rich history that is inclusive of rich cultural and spiritual roots. A large section of the traditions were however changed or forcefully removed when the settlers came into the picture. The forceful introduction of European way of life and morals to Aboriginal societies, the...

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Inequality and Women in the Media

The Women’s Media Center released an annual report in 2015 that showed little progress has been in the number of women holding major news and entertainment broadcasting positions. The area of sports journalism, has seen the biggest drop in female representation, falling seventeen percent over the last year (Schwartz). Two...

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