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Equality for Black Women

There are many ways in which equality is still a dream for people of color, and especially for black women. The statistics provide a picture of what it is currently like living in America for black women. For one, there is a wealth gap for black families that has deep...

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The Principle of Equality

The Principle of Equality is attributed to Rawls (Gosepath) and suggests that the starting point when determining how best to distribute wealth in society is to assume that it should be distributed equally. This does not mean that it has no other applications; it does, but Rawls was most concerned...

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Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal

The view of the public in a free trade environment that not all industries are equal is ethical (Schumacher, 2012). Ethics in free trade pegs in the ability of firms within a particular industry, say, the tobacco industry, to ensure that the working conditions of the participants throughout the supply...

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Equal Protection

The notion of equal protection assumes a guarantee granted to individuals by the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Amendment safeguards equal treatment to all individuals in like circumstances. This indicates that according to the Constitution no person shall be denied equal protection enjoyed by other persons. The definition...

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Social Justice Argument Essay

In the United States, racial discrimination has been prevalent in the country against the minority races such as Asians and the African Americans. However, relevant progress has been made through rising social movements and the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King as an advocate for the liberation of the blacks....

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