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Gender Inequality

In developing countries, gender gaps in favor of the boy child, such as in personal autonomy, education, employment, freedom of choice among others, are systematically larger compared to those in developed nations (Jayachandran 2015). Gender inequality is not only a situation and an idea that men and women are not...

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Poverty and Equality in America

Equality is one of the concepts that has become more important as the years have passed in the United States. Generally speaking, it is one of those words that tends to define America in theory, but some argue that equality does not exist in practice. America has long billed itself...

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Inequality Regimes: Gender, Class, and Race in Organizations

Inequality is a pertinent consideration when viewing organizations. Due to the process of social exclusion which is defined by the Alder School of Psychology as the “complex processes that deny certain groups access to rights, opportunities, and resources that are key to social integration”, organizations often run rampant with exclusionary...

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Inequality and Poverty

Mohammed Yunus has created a microfinance program that is devoted to microloans in Bangladesh (“Finance for the Poor: Your Inflexible Friend,” 2016). The program has a number of advantages for those people whose salary is low or who are dependent on informal money lenders. The article focuses on the problem...

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Population and Global Inequality

A Modern Theorist answers by saying that our shirt is providing opportunities for people like Jasmine whereas a World Systems Theorist answers that our shirt is taking advantage of a desperate population like Jasmine. Personally, I found the World Systems Theory to better explain the case of Jasmine by proposing...

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