Thesis Statement: The social class is an important determinant of one’s health due to its impact on the lifestyle that an individual leads, his or her access to medical services, and the experience of stress that one faces.
In this recast project I plan to discuss the impact that socio-economic status of an individual has on his or her health outcomes. Specifically, as a part of the project, I plan to explain the connection between individual’s economic status (which is one of the aspects of individual’s social class) and his or her food choices. I also plan to emphasize the fact that the access to proper medical services is another factor that is closely intertwined with the social class of an individual. Finally, I will argue that individual’s social capital, which is a position of an individual in the field of social networks, is dependent on his or her socio-economic status and determines the level of stress that an individual experiences.

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Informal Recast Project Proposal: SES and Health

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Modern society often stresses a focus on the fact that an individual is the only one who determines the state of his or her health. Numerous advertisements that address the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and individual’s own responsibility for it are a proof. Apart from this, both in the public and scholarly discussions and debates, many health problems are viewed as the result of heredity, or one’s genetic predisposition to certain types of diseases. Indeed, these factors are important in terms of their contribution to the individual’s state of health. However, a factor that is rarely mentioned as the important determinant of health outcomes is the socio-economic class of an individual. Let us imagine a person who tries to keep a very good care of his or her health, but comes from a very poor economic background. This person wants to eat organic food that is high in nutrients and vitamins, but the high quality food usually is of a relatively high price, especially in the United States. In case of an illness, this person wants to receive proper medical services, which is often an unattainable goal, given that good hospitals are usually situated in the wealthy neighborhoods. It is thus important to bring to the fore the topic of the limitations that individuals with low economic status face.

The target audience for this project is very diverse because it calls for the implementation of social policies that are likely to affect everyone. Therefore, apart from college students, the target audience will include non-governmental organizations, government representatives and other people interested in the topic of social inequalities and inequities.

Multimedia presentation combined with a video will be the most effective mediums in terms of providing the audience with a full understanding of the connection between one’s socio-economic class and one’s health. Namely, it is often easier to remember information in the form of images. In addition to this, multimedia presentation is likely to be more entertaining for the population of college students.

While I would prefer to work on the topic presented above, I also consider including information about previous attempts to address the issue such as the Affordable Care Act. It addition to this, it might be a good idea to offer my solutions to the problem of health disparities. For instance, despite the active promotion of this topic among people with low SES, healthy lifestyle is often an unattainable goal for them because of the financial expenses that healthy lifestyle demands. Making the healthy living industry affordable for a larger segment of society brings hope that economically deprived individuals will obtain an opportunity to adhere to the principles of healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved through the reduction of government and state taxes for those companies that produce healthy food, build gyms etc.