An elemental part of the application of the technological advancements in nursing is the use of appropriate terminologies. Advanced clinical experts need to have the competence to apply the appropriate terminologies as one of the practical approaches towards the reduction of errors committed in the use of informatics systems. Supporting the use of strategic innovation is health care is essential because it a practical approach towards enhancing the safety of both the healthcare experts and the service consumers because it increase accuracy in the use of the technological creations and promotes high levels integrity to their use (Navigant Healthcare, 2011). Having this competence also increase the sustainability of these technological advancements to ensure ha hey achieve he required intention and purpose regarding service delivery and enhancing he existing processes.

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One of the essential attributes of the Health information system is the ability of the health care experts to communicate in the required manner. These platforms can assist the experts to pass important information from professional to another (The Commonwealth Fund, 2013). In order to ensure that passing the information follows the required standards and protocols, the health experts needs the skills and knowledge that will assist in promoting effective communication. The use of standardized terminologies and languages among the health experts in the context of the use of information systems is important because it can increase the speed and accuracy of collaboration.

An example of an initiative that can be used in the support of standard communication terminology and language is the use of the State Health Information Exchange (Navigant Healthcare, 2011). This promotes a positive cultural transformation among the health experts in order to support the use of the nationally recognized standards and protocols of communication in the health care industry. This initiative comprises of the strategies that increase the skills and knowledge of the health experts on the use of good communication abilities to enhance the level of service delivery.

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