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Information Security

Regulating Online Behavior in a Global Environment

The reason it can be difficult to regulate online behavior in a global environment is because the internet itself is global, and it is impossible for one jurisdiction to regulate internet content or behavior that exists in another jurisdiction. Also, any attempts at restricting internet access or behaviors often fail...

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Information Technology and Safety

Introduction There has been tremendous innovation and advancement in the area of information technology. The use of encryption in information technology has expressly and vastly enhanced privacy and security of information for businesses and consumers. However, as services and devices continue to be more protected, the state security and law...

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Automated Inventory and Tracking of High Demand Items

With a $3000 budget, the client desires to create an inventory management system (IMS) that will track high demand items and perform inventory automatically. There are no plans for expansion to internet commerce. Since this is a small budget, there is no recommendation for networking. However, should the client change...

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Campaign Effectiveness and Big Data

I think it just seems like common sense that Big Data would certainly aid in campaigning efforts. If anything, I would think they would be one of the first to embrace the change, but the challenge would be filtering through which data sources are the best for what they are...

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Mobility and Use of VPN

Today, the internet has become an integral part of many business organizations. However, the transmission of sensitive information over the internet has proven to be a major challenge for most companies due to privacy and security issues. Nevertheless, the development of a Private Virtual Network (PVN) within the network infrastructure...

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