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Information Security

Mobile Access Privacy Concerns

Increasing numbers of clinicians and patients are accessing healthcare informatics systems, including personal health records (Bricon-Souf & Conchon, 2015). As such, these informatics systems need to be understood in terms of both their advantages and disadvantages to clinical practice. One use of healthcare informatics that I have experienced personally is...

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Data Security: How Secure Are Mobile Applications

Data security has become a priority issue in the current contemporary world amidst the realization in the enhancement of Information Technology (Huang et al., 2011). Precisely, the increase in the use of cell phones has triggered immense security questions on whether run off cell towers are secure or not. The...

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Wireless and Mobile Device Security

There has been a systematic significant evolution in the world of wireless and mobile network with groups of individuals and firms relying on the networks for their daily undertakings (Regan, 2013). The increase in the dependency of wireless and mobile networks requires that people and companies should be educated about...

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8 Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives 2018

Among the eight best internet archive alternatives listed in the article, is considered one of the best alternatives. It operates as a capsule and stores the ‘snapshots’ of different web pages even in the cases when the websites disappear. However, one of the significant drawbacks of the tool is...

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Summary of “Privacy: What Are its Limits?” by Amitai Etzioni

Although privacy rights are not established in the Constitution, Americans perceive it as essential as other rights. Amitai views privacy as a crucial right that is above others. According to communitarians, all rights are subject to limitations for the purpose of the interest of a common good. Just as the...

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