I still remember clearly that day my dad came home from work with a secondhand computer. I was eight years old. The grey colored desktop case was dusty. It was faded in yellow and was installed with Windows 95. At that time, it was already a gift to me. From then on, everything I did with it became a whole new experience in my life. It intrigued me to wonder how these interfaces work on certain mechanism and algorithm, and how it ends up interact with one another. The constant thinking, wondering, and questioning are the motivation for me to pursue further my Information Technology knowledge. Studying computing with JAVA, CSS and HTML have increased my interests in IT and question about everything I interact with.

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Throughout my whole life, I have always questioned myself on how innovations and technology have moved human life forward and will make an impact to our future. From the beds where we start our daily routine, the phones that help us schedule and interact with other people, to the traffic lights that maintain the order of streets, I have encountered numerous challenges each and every day that have made me think about how to interact with things in ways that are more human-centered. In the IT program that I am pursuing, I want to learn practical and scientific methods by using analysis and measurement to apply to people and our behaviors. I am interested in learning real-life applied situations and scenarios in order to enhance my technical and developing skills. My dream is to become a software developer with UX design, learn how the systems interact with one another, and the protocols and concepts of the software.

In UW Seattle, I have learned using practical experience and theoretical methods. I want to further enhance my knowledge on how to apply marketing concepts to the potential and core IT industries. Because IT industries experience exponential growth and transition quickly, my curiosity about new innovative information technology and the thirst for acquiring practical knowledge is infinite. I have always dreamed of how to adapt to rapidly changing information technology, and now it is time for me to be the one who has insight to initiate and develop software with high efficiency and user friendliness. I am confident that the UW IT can make my dream come true. I am impressed that this program includes a customized practicum, which I can choose to specialize in specific sub-area of IT that I like, such as UX design. It is also significant that this program emphasize to be up-to-date about the information technology trends. The mandated IT-related internships within the curriculum of the IT program ensure me that I will be able to learn in real experience and to enhance myself in reflecting on what more is needed to be enriched. I believe in life-long learning and continue educating myself to be up-to-date in the field. In short, this IT program will not only by focusing on technology but also on business details, planning, and project management concepts, so that I will develop skills that I can use to pursue an MBA and become a global information leader.