The high rate of globalization and information systems has inspired the advent of complex technological platforms in various industries. Car dealership is one of the industries that has been heavily affected by the progressions in the information technology. There are various processes that are entailed in car dealership and the use of information technology is important towards the improvement of the systems and processes. The use of technological innovations has led to an improvement of various entities within dealership for both the customers and service providers in the industry. Some of the information systems that have been development through the technology creativity serve to solve both small and big problems for all stakeholders within the dealership entity.

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Communication is one of the areas that has been enhanced through the use of the technological innovations. Technology has presented sophisticated platforms through which communication can occur from one entity to another within the dealership system. Through the complex technological platforms, there is massive networking across the world that enable the related companies across the world to interact instantly and share the required information and data. All the departments within a dealership can share instant information that can assist towards the activities associated with the business activities and thus increasing convenience and efficiency for the delivery of services.

Technology has been used in car dealership to promote the management and administrative functions. The adoption and use of management information systems has been crucial towards the transformation experienced in the industry. The management systems that are available in the market accommodate all the operations associate with all levels of management within the organizational hierarchy. Some of the management systems have decision support capabilities that promote the management operations by coming up with quick and precise decisions to propel the activities of the industry. The quality of the decisions made by the automated systems is essential towards strategic improvement within the organizations.

Technology has inspired the change of the marketing entity in the car dealership industry. This is because they have embraced the use of the modern and efficient marketing strategies towards enhancing their business operations. The technology has encouraged online marketing and the use of other social networking platforms to give the clients information about the products available. As a result some of the clients can contact the management and the sales departments instantly through the communication channels provided by internet. This is one of the factors that has promoted increased productivity in the dealership companies because of the good experience and communication provided to the clients.

Technology has been used by the dealership agencies to improve the human resource management in the organizations. This is promoted through proper management of the records associated with the employees of the organization. the auto mated management of the payrolls and updating of the records in the database of the dealership agencies has promotes the elimination of errors in the payment and manipulation process for these records and this has led to increase levels of motivation which is translate din the work output.

The automation of the transactions for the car dealership agencies has led to increased transparency, accuracy and accountability in all financial transactions. This is because most of the payments from the clients and to the suppliers are made through the automated systems that are supported by electronic money processes. The elimination of the errors and increased speed of the financial transactions through the use of the electronic innovations has enhanced the creation and maintenance of integrity to all the financial transactions that take place in the organizations. Automated management of the payrolls also makes all transactions timely and effective.