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Information Technology

Technology Assessment

The relationship between business strategy and IT strategy is an inevitable construct that must exist for organizations to succeed in their respective industries of specialization. One major reason for developing this relationship is to ensure that the business achieves its overall objectives using information driven strategic processes. It is through...

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IT revolution

IT infrastructure is the composite software, hardware, services, and network resources required for, operations, management, and the existence of a business IT environment. It gives an organisation a chance to deliver services and IT solutions to its partners, employees or customers. Its deployment occurs within the owned facilities, and it...

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Memory Management

Windows and Linux are both the common operating systems for various personal computers both at home and in a business systems. Each of the operating systems has its benefits and shortfalls but their use depends on the preference, choice, and use of the preferred operating system. According to information technology...

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File Management

Linux/UNIX, and MAC OS are some of the common operating systems used in various models of personal computers both for commercial and home systems. Each of the two operating systems has its own benefits and shortfalls. In addition, the use of each of the two depends on personal preference, nature...

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Autonomous Systems

According to Saracco, interactions between various constituents of a Symbiotic Autonomous System (SAS) are also referred to as emergent properties. Thusly, correlation with the environment and other systems is resultant of the emergent properties since they comprise the main attributes of the SAS. In addition, an emergent property is defined...

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The Comparison of Throughput between RAID level 5 and RAID level 1

Redundant Array Independent Disks (read as RAIDS) is a mode of storage of mass data in different hard disks, within computing technology. This mode is preferred because data is spread across multiple disks and as such reading and writing is made exceptionally easier and accessible. Since multiple disks are always...

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A Technology System for MovieFlix Company

Information systems are becoming a vital part of the business entities around the globe. In fact, companies that are behind in terms of automation are closing out since they cannot the competition. However, if a technological system is obsolete, it does not create tangible change for a business. The following...

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Information Technology in Car Dealership

The high rate of globalization and information systems has inspired the advent of complex technological platforms in various industries. Car dealership is one of the industries that has been heavily affected by the progressions in the information technology. There are various processes that are entailed in car dealership and the...

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ERPs and the Management Function

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are commercial software systems that integrate business solutions for the core process and the main administration function of an organization. For instance, a core process such as product planning and control is integrated with key administration functions such as financial management and supply chain management...

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How Bluetooth Technology Works

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two digital devices to communicate with one another. Whenever there is the need for devices to communicate, such as wireless keyboards with a computer, or a digital headset with a phone, there are two basic functions that need to be fulfilled: first, there...

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Jaap Haartsen, the inventor of Bluetooth

Abstract Jaap Haartsen is the inventor of Bluetooth. He is a Mechanical Engineer who worked for the Ericsson communications company while he was developing Bluetooth technology. Through this achievement, Haartsen has made a significant contribution to the worlds of technology, mathematics and to society. Many of the technologies we depend...

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Bluetooth Technology

Introduction Technology is key to living a better and comfortable life. The innovations and inventions in this field enhance our lives and reduce the amount of energy we use to do certain activities. Such developments have helped us better our lives can be attributed to Bluetooth technology. Below are some...

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SAP Digital Analysis

Systems, Application, and Products in Data processing (SAP) has revolutionized how businesses operate within their spheres. This ingenious mode of operation has not only brought disruptions in whole universe in industries but also morphed some other industries to have unique competitive advantage, creating even barriers to entry for novice entrants....

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Digital Radiography VS Conventional Radiography: Bibliography

Ajmal, M., & Elshinawy, M. I. (2014). Subjective image quality comparison between two digital dental radiographic systems and conventional dental film. The Saudi Dental Journal, 26(4), 145-150. doi:10.1016/j.sdentj.2014.05.007 According to Ajmal and Elshinawy (2014), digital radiography is an important part of dentistry in the contemporary times. The authors state that...

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Digital Mindset

The case study ‘Digital Mindsets: Teachers’ Technology Use in Personal Life and Teaching’ by Ekaterina Tour unveils the importance of the technological literacy in boosting the education. The three leading figures in the methodological approach to the research comprise Lisa, Jodie, and Emma. First and foremost, the participants specialized in...

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Digital Humanities

Over the past decades, the phenomenon known as ‘Digital Humanities’ has profoundly shifted the humanistic inquiry in the Middle East. The trend embraces multiple humanitarian disciplines ranging from history to archaeology. The utmost effect of Digital Humanities is in enabling scholars to preserve, analyze, and revive research objects. Digital Humanities...

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Digital Footprint Paper

It was inevitable that, the more we interact online, the more we place our privacy at risk. This occurs in everything we do on the Internet, from social media browsing to buying and banking. Few, if any, websites do not require some basic information from the user, and I believe...

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Digital Divide

Digital divide refers to the difference or inequality in the use and access to information communication technologies (ICTs) among different demographics and regions (Miranda, Cruz-Cunha, Varajão, & Simoes, 2014). The digital divide is sometimes referred to as the digital gap or digital inequality. Philip, Cottrill, Farrington, Williams, and Ashmore (2017)...

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Digital Communication and Swartz Case

The Internet’s Own Boy The case against Swartz made some see him as a defender of civil liberties and a liberator of information, while others saw him as a hacker and a pirate. While his acts helped unfold different scenarios on tax-funded research using MIT computers, some felt that he...

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Devops Contribution to UK’s Digital Sector

DevOps is a G-Cloud based initiative that combines cultural tools, practices, and philosophies to help increase the ability of an organization to provide services and applications at high speeds, which helps them provide better services to their customers. Its high security protocols, improved collaboration, reliability, rapid delivery, and high speeds...

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