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Information Technology

Technology Assessment

The relationship between business strategy and IT strategy is an inevitable construct that must exist for organizations to succeed in their respective industries of specialization. One major reason for developing this relationship is to ensure that the business achieves its overall objectives using information driven strategic processes. It is through...

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IT revolution

IT infrastructure is the composite software, hardware, services, and network resources required for, operations, management, and the existence of a business IT environment. It gives an organisation a chance to deliver services and IT solutions to its partners, employees or customers. Its deployment occurs within the owned facilities, and it...

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File Management

Linux/UNIX, and MAC OS are some of the common operating systems used in various models of personal computers both for commercial and home systems. Each of the two operating systems has its own benefits and shortfalls. In addition, the use of each of the two depends on personal preference, nature...

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Memory Management

Windows and Linux are both the common operating systems for various personal computers both at home and in a business systems. Each of the operating systems has its benefits and shortfalls but their use depends on the preference, choice, and use of the preferred operating system. According to information technology...

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Autonomous Systems

According to Saracco, interactions between various constituents of a Symbiotic Autonomous System (SAS) are also referred to as emergent properties. Thusly, correlation with the environment and other systems is resultant of the emergent properties since they comprise the main attributes of the SAS. In addition, an emergent property is defined...

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