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Information Technology

Digital Humanities

Over the past decades, the phenomenon known as ‘Digital Humanities’ has profoundly shifted the humanistic inquiry in the Middle East. The trend embraces multiple humanitarian disciplines ranging from history to archaeology. The utmost effect of Digital Humanities is in enabling scholars to preserve, analyze, and revive research objects. Digital Humanities...

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Digital Footprint Paper

It was inevitable that, the more we interact online, the more we place our privacy at risk. This occurs in everything we do on the Internet, from social media browsing to buying and banking. Few, if any, websites do not require some basic information from the user, and I believe...

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Digital Divide

Digital divide refers to the difference or inequality in the use and access to information communication technologies (ICTs) among different demographics and regions (Miranda, Cruz-Cunha, Varajão, & Simoes, 2014). The digital divide is sometimes referred to as the digital gap or digital inequality. Philip, Cottrill, Farrington, Williams, and Ashmore (2017)...

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Digital Communication and Swartz Case

The Internet’s Own Boy The case against Swartz made some see him as a defender of civil liberties and a liberator of information, while others saw him as a hacker and a pirate. While his acts helped unfold different scenarios on tax-funded research using MIT computers, some felt that he...

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Devops Contribution to UK’s Digital Sector

DevOps is a G-Cloud based initiative that combines cultural tools, practices, and philosophies to help increase the ability of an organization to provide services and applications at high speeds, which helps them provide better services to their customers. Its high security protocols, improved collaboration, reliability, rapid delivery, and high speeds...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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