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Information Technology

Information Age Technology

In his book Who Owns the Future? Jaron Lanier proposes an interesting concept about the inequality of wealth behind the use of “free” information. His concept is very interesting because it identifies the misconception that large networking sites and organizations provide the users with as much value as they receive...

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Information Technology in Public Health

The systematic application of computer science, information, and technology to the realms of public health, learning, and research is referred to as public health informatics. This area of study contains the principles that define, describe, guide, and serve as a creation of a framework for the types of challenges and...

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Children and Technology in the 21st Century

Technology has become part of the daily lives of people living in the modern area. They use technology at school, work, and for leisure. Technology has become such a part of life that many people may not consider the impact that technology has on their health; they may only think...

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Top Three Information Technology Jobs

The focus of this paper is to recognize the top three career positions in the field of information technology. The positions described were gathered from career Internet sites that were in top demand for professionals pursuing a career in information technology. The positions will be discussed in detail with the...

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Information Technology Admission Paper

I still remember clearly that day my dad came home from work with a secondhand computer. I was eight years old. The grey colored desktop case was dusty. It was faded in yellow and was installed with Windows 95. At that time, it was already a gift to me. From then on, everything I did with it became...

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