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Information Technology and Safety

Introduction There has been tremendous innovation and advancement in the area of information technology. The use of encryption in information technology has expressly and vastly enhanced privacy and security of information for businesses and consumers. However, as services and devices continue to be more protected, the state security and law...

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Information Management and Allied Professional Issues

Primary Problems Associated with Information Management and Patient Confidentiality There are many different issues associated with information management of patient data and the maintenance of patient confidentiality. These issues are compounded as a result of the fact that all medical information must remain in compliance with all HIPPA (Health Insurance...

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Management Information System

Organizations have different requirements and aims to achieve specific goals. Organizations employ different tools and processes to ensure they achieve the goals and strategic requirements. Technological process has become an integral component is improving and sustaining the requirements of an organization. One of such technological advancement is the use of...

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Web Content Management Systems

Background The extensive use of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) aims to facilitate collaboration, workflow, efficient communication and flexibility in modern organizations. The medium of a web interface is introduced with the utmost goal to expand the functioning of diverse work teams and groups (Alalwan, Thomas, & Weistroffer, 2014). Specific...

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Database Management Systems

The society today comprises of multiple institutions that rely on accurate records to carry out their respective functionalities. The efficacy and legitimacy of the operations administered in hospitals and schools are based on how efficient they acquire, store and access client records. Before the information age, this was quite intensive...

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Visual Management Systems

Visual management systems are the product of visual management that helps to improve organizations’ operations by tracking performance, schedule, and status of projects. By using visual tools to communicate to the audience, they ensure that project’s milestones are started and finished in a timely manner. Although specialists explain that it...

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A Writer’s Guide to Helpful WordPress Plugins

Often, writers are known to sit endless hours just to push out chunks of text for our reading pleasure. Unfortunately, the hermit life isn’t a perfectly productive one. Occasionally, writing takes a back seat for the flimsiest of excuses, like the use of social media, and let’s not forget the...

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8 Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives 2018

Among the eight best internet archive alternatives listed in the article, is considered one of the best alternatives. It operates as a capsule and stores the ‘snapshots’ of different web pages even in the cases when the websites disappear. However, one of the significant drawbacks of the tool is...

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Summary of “Privacy: What Are its Limits?” by Amitai Etzioni

Although privacy rights are not established in the Constitution, Americans perceive it as essential as other rights. Amitai views privacy as a crucial right that is above others. According to communitarians, all rights are subject to limitations for the purpose of the interest of a common good. Just as the...

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Information Management, Data, and Infrastructure

Management of data revolves around its processing and organization to meet a desired end. Data has to be controlled to ensure it is delivered only to the rightful end user (Laudon, & Laudon, 2011). Dell is a company based in the United States. The company offers technology solutions, services, and...

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Key Components of Information System Management

The purpose of this assignment is to delineate the key competencies of an information management system. Several key questions will be addressed in this process. The personal knowledge as well as management tools established by the organization are critical to the success experienced throughout their endeavors. Further, steps towards information...

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Two-Factor Authentication: Computer And Information Sciences Paper

Introduction Two-factor authentication can be described as a security measure that has been created to enable the users to provide two different credentials from separate categories. For instance, one security credential can be a card while the other credential can be a security code that can be memorized. Two-factor authentication...

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Susan SQL Programmer

Susan was an SQL programmer working at a reputable company. Susan and her husband had been happily married for almost 10 years. Susan wanted to give a surprise gift to her husband on their 10th wedding anniversary. was a well-known online shopping portal that was offering quality products with...

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Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was enacted to give citizens and the media access to government documents that are intended for public record. It posits that “any person has the right to request access to federal agency records or information except to the extent the records are protected from...

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