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Consent and Release of Information Name

HIPAA which was passed into law in 1996 and one of its significance was to provide confidentiality on issues concerning health information and protected medical records of individuals. The law involved significant protections for minor children combined with a substantial level of deference to individual state standards for such protections...

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Information Literacy

With the growing amount of information available to users, the need to advance information literacy becomes more urgent. Individuals who possess high levels of information literacy can benefit from the emerging learning opportunities. They can also engage in a thorough evaluation and analysis of the learning content. Jonassen and Kim...

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Information Literacy & the SAILS Exam

Research topics and works can only be considered as accurate and substantial as the information that is utilized when developing the literature. The more literature that is accessible, the more thorough the research project will be. Therefore, one of the most important elements for a researcher is to locate the...

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The Role of Consumer Information in Public Policy

The purpose of public policy is not to simply dictate behavior or establish rules, regulations, practices, and procedures. Public policy is also a means of providing and disseminating information, and as such the provision of information is a goal of public policy. The role of public policy in the provision...

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Information Technology Acts

Often as technology advances, the law scrambles to catch up. Of course, the law cannot necessarily be expected to see into the future or to anticipate all possible ramifications of the development and usage of technology. Most often, when individuals consider legal or ethical issues and adjustments to the law...

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