From the play, Brady is stuck in what the law and policies dictate and believes that the doctrines are profound and legitimate. On the other hand, Drummond does not take what comes at his table without questioning it. He believes in evolution of ideas and views. Drummond accommodates new thoughts and views that are well supported with facts from credible sources. Relating the two characters to the USA political parties, it is arguably true to say that Drummond is a Republican whereas Brady is a Democrat. The issues selected in this paper are namely; abortion, civil rights, drugs, crime, gun control, war and peace, social responsibility and education.

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Brady will certainly argue out that the church does not have a mandate to rule public life. It is not its duty to provide any contraceptives. His view is basically in support for abortion but restricts any funding contribution from the federal government. However, ruling out the church view that conception starts at birth is uncertain. On the other hand, Drummond does not consider abortion as a right to women. He advocates for abortion ban after 20 weeks of fertilization and does not support abortion for convenience. He can only allow abortion in case of rape or in the event of sexual injustice.

Drummond is open to new methods of combating drug abuse. He will definitely argue that the best way to minimize drug abuse is by shifting the whole drug abuse circles. His opinion can be to ban smoking in public places, end harsh punishments in prisons and instead figure out for other community based correction programs, eliminate the drug offender to prison mentality and perhaps put strict measures in transportation facilities while intensifying the war at federal level. On the other hand, Brady will go hard on drug abuse. His policies are strict such as reducing drug use by 50 percent through prevention and enforcement. He might even oppose treatment and go for harsh penalties for drug offenses.

Drummond will certainly accommodate gay rights, voting and equity in partnership. He doesn’t condemn gays instead he argues that it is part of evolution. He supports women full participation in all sectors of the economy. He accommodates condemnation of racism and argues that USA is stronger because of the different races. Brady partially agrees with Drummond on gay rights but revokes their marriage. He supports their freedom as gays and calls for affirmative actions on racism.

According to Drummond, increased incarceration is to be addressed. He supports community based policing and the importance of police force working with the community. He advocates for funding and strict sentencing for hate offences. Brady on the other hand, supports building of more prisons and further incarceration. He calls for building of private prisons and stricter penalties for sex, drug and gun offences.

Brady is obligated to stop gun violence and seeks to close gaps in gun supply. He advocates for ownership of guns to law abiding citizens but not within cities. He argues that there should be a balance between lawful gun ownership and crime. Drummond supports 2nd amendment and gun ownership rights. However, he points out at loopholes in laws regarding guns. He supports instant back ground check ups.

Drummond opposes privatization of social security and calls for a raise in retirement age. Brady on the other hand, he advocates for a raise in compensation but not retirement age. He calls for privatization of social security and personal savings accounts.

Drummond objects US department of education and supports its abolition. He advocates for scholarship for the needy but qualified students. He urges for a raise in teacher compensation. Brady advocates for more teacher employment for smaller classes. He observes that performance based payment should be utilized by the education department. Supports schooling at home and supports the importance of education.

Brady does not comply with UN approval and demands for prevention rather that containment of war. He urges for immediate action on ISIS and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He doesn’t wait to experience the aftermath of a terrorist invasion. Drummond calls for sanctions against Iran and possible strikes. He opines that, timetables can work where diplomacy does not work. He demands plan formulation on how to arm rebels in Syria.