Starbucks is a coffee chain that provides food and drink to its customers along with a coffee shop atmosphere that promotes communication and social moments. The company also prides itself with excellent corporate culture and leadership, but it lacks events to promulgate it into the modern modes of networking. Therefore, “COFFEE Talk,” would bring in current, innovative speakers to Fort Collins in an effort to increase the essence of coffee shops where ideas can be spread.
The value proposition of COFFEE Talk would be that it brings people together in an atmosphere that promotes open communication and the spread of ideas. Inspired by TED Talks, Steven Johnson notes that coffee houses were crucial to the development of new ideas during the Enlightenment (Johnson, 2010). Value propositions are a collective acknowledgement of what companies believe customers value the most, and Starbucks promotes its environment and aura as an attractor (Mikkola, Mahlamaki & Uusitalo, n.d.).

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The spread of ideas does not require licensing or special technology. It can basically be like an open mic has been in many other coffee shops. Consumers will spend money on coffee and refreshments, but they will also reap the rewards of education and experienced speakers on a number of current topics Wednesday evenings after work.

COFFEE Talk at Starbucks will give the coffee shop the advantage of motion. Coffee shops without events and speakers can become stagnant, but the motion of public events and speakers propels the shop into a vessel of societal discovery. If Starbucks is able to generate COFFEE Talk, it will have a significant advantage over other coffee shops. This advantage will stem from the quality of speakers, and individuals will benefit from the communal atmosphere. They will learn new ideas, but they will also be in a position to discuss those ideas.

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