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Ethical Issues Arising from New Technologies

Since the very beginning of research in the field of gene therapy, the presence of numerous social and ethical issues related to this topic was evident. On the one hand, gene therapy still has largely experimental character and thus may not be considered entirely safe. On the other hand, the...

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Urban Regeneration and Revitalization

A neighborhood can be filled with diversity, history, and culture, but urban regeneration and revitalization affects these aspects through embracing, ignoring, or replacing historical structures. Shrinking urban areas are often cursed with the demolition and replacement of structures, which results in cheaper new construction but also the elimination of heritages...

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Digital Fabrication: Future Of Design

Digital fabrication is the future of design as a discipline. At present, it is an important tool which cannot be overlooked in developing prototypes. In the past, digital fabrication was quite expensive for small and medium sized businesses. However, in modern times, it has been made relatively affordable through revolutionary...

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Starbucks Corporate Innovation

Section 1: Product/ServiceDescribe your product/service concept. Starbucks prides itself on excellent corporate culture and leadership, but it lacks events to promulgate it into the modern modes of networking. Therefore, “COFFEE Talk,” would bring in current, innovative speakers to Fort Collins in an effort to increase the essence of coffee shops...

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Starbucks New Innovation Coffee Talks

Will you produce the goods or services that you are selling or will you outsource production?The company will outsource the production of the new service. It will bring in innovative speakers to give the talks at its store in Fort Collins. Specifically, it will partner with various entrepreneurship companies that...

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