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Diffusion of Innovation and Product Concepts

The adoption and diffusion of innovation is a theory that explains the reasons, the process, and the rate at which an innovation spreads. This process is determined by factors like the innovation itself, communication channels, time taken for the innovation to spread, and the social system behind the innovation. These...

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Forensic Tools

Digital forensics tools have helped revolutionize the idea of investigative forensics and have made investigatorsÆ jobs much easier when it comes to uncovering evidence and analyzing it. Technologies like alternative light photography and high-speech ballistics photography are able to analyze a piece of physical evidence such as skin or bullet...

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Fake Photos

Nowadays, the opportunities of the digital world are almost endless. People are using fake photos in order to entertain themselves or to make the images more attractive. Still, such fakes are not as innocent as it may seem. Although it is quite easy to create a fake photo, the process...

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Technology: Is It An Advancement Or A Hindrance To Our Society

As the world continues to evolve, many new advancements in technology have emerged. Since the invention of computers and digital devices, the use of technology has become even more innovative. Thus, technology has had many advantages in society, but some people feel that it has significantly hindered some areas of...

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Technology Enhancement

Over the last few decades, the society has witnessed significant changes especially with the application of technology to enhance various different aspects of life. Many of these aspects of life include communication, education, research, provision of medical services, shopping, finance, information sharing, transportation, and many more others (Harley, 2003). The...

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