Few hours after the disaster of the Fukushima nuclear, the fate of thousands of the lives of Japanese citizens was in the hands of Corps, few engineers, firemen, and few soldiers. These people risked their lives to prevent a complete meltdown of the nuclear plant. The frontline inside Japan’s nuclear meltdown’ is an international documentary. It will guide the audience in a minute by minute to show the effort that was done by the scientist, firefights and government official to curb the tsunami effect that occurred in Japan.

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One should consider watching this documentary because it uses the footage from inside the plant as well as the eyewitness accounts from all the individuals who were present during the occurrence of the disaster. This documentary is extremely informative and utterly reverting because it provided the viewer with a clear imagery of the terror that occurred. It also includes behind the scenes action at the end to cover the Fukushima disaster. The documentary begins by introducing to the viewer how long it has been since the disaster occurred. It explains how the masses of people were caught unaware of the catastrophe. It describes the mood of the workers in the plant on March 11 mornings. Even after the earthquake had struck that morning the nuclear power station workers remained relaxed and hoped all will be okay because the Japanese nuclear plants were designed to withstand earthquakes as they had been told.

The documentary tries to prove that the lives of the thousand Japanese, who died in the disaster of Fukushima was due to human error and not a natural calamity. This is because the wave that was produced by the earth quick was twice the height of the sea wall that was protecting the TEPCO, and the Fukushima compels. The top official of the project failed to communicate to the prime minister of the nation about the incoming disaster. The documentary is not only focused on the cause of the disaster but also to show the effort done by the few officials to curb a large disaster that could have been worse.