A good marketing strategy is vital to any company that not only seeks to stay in business but also be ahead of the competition. The products of the company have to be unique in features and of high quality and durability so as to function well for the intended purpose. The pricing strategy has to cater for different segments of the market and of the products. The promotion strategies have to increase awareness of the product and raise consumer interest. Location of a store close to the market improves accessibility and access to the products (Arluke 2007).

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Having a quality product is one of the marketing strategies that the company has applied to achieve business success and outstanding sales revenue. The cages produced are functional as they are big enough to give the guinea pigs ample space and meet the pets’ living requirements. The cages have aesthetic in nature as they are colorful and attractive. The material used provides an end product that is durable, safe, lightweight and also versatile in nature. In addition the cages make it easy for pet owners to maintain as they are easy to clean and easy to assemble.

The nature and size of the cages produced by the company have stand out to be a world leader in the market place as the designs have been adopted and even made a source of reference in many books and websites. This has given the company an edge over competitors in the market place.

The cages are affordable to the average pet owner. Affordability of the cages has had an impact of increasing purchases hence revenue in the long run since anyone owning a pet can easily and without spending a lot of money acquire the cages. Pricing of the cages is value based therefore customers are assured of getting value for their money. The cages sold by closest competitors Pet Smart and Pet Co are considered more expensive while their sizes are still smaller compared to the cages produced by C and C cages.

Different promotion strategies have been carried out to target the promotional audience and actual consumer who provide a ready market for the products. The main promotional strategy that is used is online selling through their website. The company has gone a step ahead and provides two shipping options, FedEx and UPS for oversees clients. This options are efficient and the prices within reasonable margins.

Other promotional strategies can however be applied by the company to further improve the business and sales of the company. This includes advertisements in magazines, newspapers and even in commercials. Magazines especially the parenting and pet oriented ones would provide an outstanding platform to advertise in.

Direct selling that is used by the company is yet another marketing strategy that has led to sales success. The cages are sold only through their store that is home based in East Hampton Connecticut. This mode of direct selling to clients enables Ms.Murphy to keep in touch with the clients and get firsthand information on the customers’ needs, preferences and views about the cages being sold. Direct selling removes instances of having a middleman therefore reducing overall costs of the products (Arluke 2007).

The popularity of owning pets in the United States has rapidly increased within the recent years. Currently, it is estimated that there are about 847,000 thousand guinea pig pet owners in the United States. The store’s location in Connecticut provides the business with a good location and access to the market. When products are within range of purchase then overall sales will without a doubt increase due to easier availability (Lamb, McDaniel,Hair 2014).

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