Owing to the rising outcry of patients with cancer and their demand for attention, it is important to sort an integrative medical care. Integrated medicine will come to bring about a better way to handle the crisis. This includes making sure that the medical practitioners are satisfied, and the treatment or rather the availability of treatment is affordable.

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Our organization is set to enhance the relationship between the patients and the medical practitioners (doctors). Some of the major roles that my organization will address are; doctor-patient relation aimed to give confidence to the healing process of the patient by purely giving each patient attention, lending a shoulder to cry on and listening to their story. This relationship is very important in the provision of therapy, and, therefore, I ask that each health center should incorporate more time spent on patients than the number of patients seen by the doctor. This gives attention and time per patient preparing them on how to face treatment on surgeries, chemotherapies in the hope that the treatment will work.

Another one of integrated medicine idea is to provide a whole person medicine idea; this is by providing both mental and spiritual fitness part of the healing process. Besides, advice on the importance of lifestyle is crucial. In all aspect of life, diseases are a result of how we live from the genes, diet, and some basic issues like exercising; getting enough rest all should be included in the medical files to help treat the ailments better. This helps to advise patients on how to eat and the kind of lifestyle they should start after a diagnosis of cancer. Nutritional counseling is also vital to cancer patients. Customization of diets helps relieve patients of the stress of shifting through the plethora of information available on cancer and diet (Cohen & Markman, 2008).

Integrated medicine intends to bring in a better awareness of managing cancer with major attention to better psychological help, to ailing patients to reduce stress and good exercise to keep the body fit. With encouraging integrated medicine, it helps the cancer survivors from tumor relapse and keeps others informed on how to avoid cancer.

Massage therapies on cancer patients should be introduced with experienced therapists. Thus finding a massage therapist experienced and comfortable with both cancer patients and the conventional care commonly used is paramount (Abrams & Deil, 2014).

With the usual cancer treatment patient might not be satisfied due to the lethal side effect but with integrative medicine it focuses on the relationship between the tumor and the effect of the medicine to the body often referred to as “The terrain” states Dwight Mc Kee. Therefore, the integrated medicine helps in curbing the prolonged effects of treatments by seeking conventional and alternative treatments with all our integrated researchers we give hope and help the cancer patients survive.

Integrated medicine aims at not only killing the tumor but also providing anti-cancer therapies and prevents future inflammations. An oncologist, Donald Abrams, M.D, Director of clinical programs at the University of California refers cancer to as ‘weed’, and it would grow back if not well taken care of and, therefore, urges all the medical providers to adopt integrated medicine for better health provisions. Integrated medicine boosts the necessity of principle like EAT TO BEAT CANCER. Nutrition boosts immunity by eating healthy and adding anti-cancer foods, giving examples like garlic, onions, and veggies and, also, there is the need to curb the sugar intake. Thus reducing the number of cancer cases in the hospitals. In implementing the DE-STRESS option hospitals help patients significantly, for example if a hospital offers phone therapies it will help the intense stress on patients reducing the number of chronic stress cases and, therefore, improving the patient immune functions. In support of integrated medicine, research demonstrates that chronic unrelieved stress can impact patients biochemical terrain and if not addressed can leave their immune systems and biology in turmoil (Keith, 2009).

Another method is fighting the tumor flourish in the patient. In this case integrated medicine will help by giving tools to research on each tumor carefully, for example, how fast it multiplies (aggression of tumor), and this helps yield best results on patients and the institutions giving the treatment. Integrated medicine aims at advising the anti-cancer lifestyle tips for all of us adapting to good standards of living will help prevent the thriving and increase of tumors (Servan-Schreiber, 2009).