In comparison to what I have studied in this particular topic, I have learned that the international equity market is volatile. This is similar in both the article and what I have learned during the week. As such, I have realized the importance of making significant decisions by studying the international market for some time and considering the analysis given by professionals in this market industry. The article discusses inflation and reflation as well as some of the causes and impacts it has to the business world. During the week, I have learned about inflation in this market, including the causes and impacts it has on the business world. This is a similarity idea that is shared between my lessons and the article.

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As such, the article discusses rethinking investment decisions to avoid falling into risky outcomes that are as a result of the volatile market. BlackRock is an example of a website that provides useful information to investors as it compares the markets both locally and internationally and gives an outlook of the pending situation. Pollock (2015) for example, shows the relevance of such an option in the Wall Street Journal as he mentions the importance of considering what experts in this field have to say. Rebonato (2017) reinforces the idea of the volatile markets in his article as he discusses the causes of this element. Russo and Fabozzi (2017) talk about the unstable markets and the short-term interest rates in such an environment. Susmel (2017), on the other hand, talks about international equity markets and discuses the intricacies that are involved.

The article by BlackRock discusses inflation and economic indicators. It talks about how these factors are affecting the decisions that investors make, with most opting to reconsider their investment position. Some of the reasons that are affecting such decisions include the global market growth which influences the traditional investment methods which are being overridden by the option to trade via the internet. As such, the article discusses how the U.S has impacted growth in this market. However, the article is quick to mention that the U.S. has not achieved this on its own as other non-U.S. economies have contributed to this factor in different ways. Inflation in the markets has influenced the direction of the international equity market, with energy prices contributing to this phenomenon.

The article then compares reflation between the United States stock prices and those in other countries such as Japan as well as the Europe. Here it discusses some issues affecting earnings growth and how the overseas market is affected. It talks about how political factors influence the value of the stock markets and how investors rethink their decisions when it comes to considering the European stock market. BlackRock looks at the trend of the bonds market and the factors affecting it. According to the website, the prospects do not look as good either even with the rising interests. The reason for this is that fixed income assets face an imminent challenge which will be as a result of the high demand for yield. Another reason is the rising still-accommodative monetary policy.

The option of taking risk in the business world is something that an investor should contemplate about before making any moves in the investment market. As such, the investor should consider employing strategy approaches such as studying the market and making professional consultations before taking the major leap. As such, an investor should consider how much risk there is to indulging in a particular transaction. For this to happen, he should be well knowledgeable about how this market operates and which options to take such as choosing between investing in bonds or shares. Good investors watch the international market closely and consider their market diversification wisely.