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International Relations

Intermodal Movements

I’ve chosen to review an article on International Intermodal Transportation (Shashikumar & Schatz, 2000). Specifically, this article is about whether and to what extent US regulatory decisions impact the broader context of international intermodal transportation. Intermodal transportation, generally, is the transportation of goods using more than one mode (hence intermodal)...

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International Law and Regulation

All the three sources of law have varied levels of normative value in their form, function, and nature of application in international law. Article two of the United Nations charter is of particular value when it comes regulating state actions that tend to violate provisions of this charter. As per...

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Why Liberals Think International Institutions Are A Good Thing

Liberal international relations theory sees international relationships and dynamics as having positive power in alliance and coordination. Power politics are rejected, since the concept assumes winners and losers, where liberal IR seeks all nation states to be winners through constructive efforts (Burchill, Linklater, Devetak, Donnelly, Nardin, Paterson, Reus-Smit, and True,...

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International Organization Assignment

The channels that nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) can use to formulate demands on, and lend support to, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) include mostly those structures which operate under the authorities of IGOs. These channels serve to bridge the networks of development by taking on the difficult task of making the connections between...

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The Applicability of International Law to Cyber Operations

The UN Charter was signed in June 1945 upon the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International Organization (United Nations, 2018). It came into force in October 1945 (United Nations, 2018). All member states of the United Nations are required to comply with the UN Charter. Article 2(6) also...

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Strategizing In International Markets

There are a number of key factors that need to be considered when doing a research of a business location more so in the international markets. These key factors include legal framework, industry specifity, startup friendly environment and the political setting. Any business needs to overcome the administrative hurdles of...

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International Exchange

Balance of payments (or international balance of payments) is defined as a monetary difference between all transactions that have been executed between the residents of the country with all non-residents. There are four types of international transactions which are accounted in the balance of payments. They are 1) exchange of...

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Fukuyama’s The End of History

The End of History and the Last Man is a well-known book written by Francis Fukuyama. At first, the author started with the essay ‘The End of History’ which later transformed into one of the most discussed books in the international affairs. The key argument of the book is that...

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Transborder lives are becoming increasingly common as the definition of state lines becomes blurred and those same lives become easier to cross (Smith, 2006). The idea of transnationalism is not a new one, and refers to the several million people that exist within and between two different states. These individuals...

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A Case Study on Cuba after its Sugar High

International business has always sparked interesting regulations and trade barriers as is the case with Cuba (Lamrani, 2013). Cuba attained global recognition in 1990 for governmental revenues originating from sugar exports. However, after the collapse of this major industry, the island had to make extreme changes to survive challenges resulting...

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Book Review

In his work, international relations lecturer Jeffrey M. Chwieroth attempts to offer a comprehensive study regarding the history of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) organization while also focusing on the process of financial liberalization. In hindsight, Jeffrey Chwieroth’s main aim of this work is to reveal the vital decisions as...

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U.S as the World Police

The United States foreign policy has always been about building a sustainable democratic world that is secure and prosperous for the wellbeing of the American people and the global community. In pursuit of its foreign policy goals, the U.S has taken up the role of the world police where its...

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International Relations Theory

Introduction World leaders, to the extent that they formulate foreign policy, generally do not consult International Relations texts for guidance. The well-worn trio of Realism, Constructivism and Liberalism (or what used to be called Idealism) are purely ideal types, themselves reflecting no nation's foreign policy. These theories are the creations...

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American Interference Overseas

America’s increasing interference in international business is nothing new. America has a rich history of butting their heads into the affairs of countries abroad. The goal of increasing welfare and improving human rights around the globe is one with good intentions, but there comes a point where it goes too...

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United States in North Korea; Avoiding a Worst-Case Scenario

Introduction It is no secret that the ambitious leaders of the Nation of North Korea have been defiant of world powers, and have been actively seeking to obtain nuclear weapons, for the past thirty (30) years. While the motive behind the desire to possess these weapons remains unclear, it is...

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How The Soviet-American Change In The 1980s

Through experience, results of the Soviet-American summits were more apparent due to more or less added periods of time. The changes in Soviet policy in Eastern Europe dramatically altered the Americas’ perspective on the Soviet Union. The changes reflected a lot on survey research that were repeatedly done during the...

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US Foreign Aid to Egypt

The whole issue of foreign aid started way back before the world wars, when charitable organizations would provide assistance to needy people in foreign countries (Lancaster 3). However, foreign aid from the US government did not start, not until the world war one. In fact, it was against the law...

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Foreign Policy

America has been notoriously active in the Middle East over the last two decades, and in the wake of the attacks of September 11, America has ramped up its activities in the region significantly. America’s strategy in the region could absolutely be called active, as it has going in and...

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Relations between the European Union (EU) and China

Relations between the European Union (EU) and China began in 1975. Their trade relations were officially established during this time. These trade relations were also referred to as Sino European relations. The relations intended to improve issues such as prosperity, peace, sustainable development and trade. Trade has developed efficiently between...

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Popular Dissent or Anarchism and International Relations Theories

IntroductionDissent in global politics mainly entails redirecting international relations through a path that interferes with the manner in which international relations have been constituted, perceived and entrenched. In this context, the dissent approach does not seek to the rescue of attempts of exploration of identity through the comprehension of social...

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