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Installing CSV Importer Plugin in WordPress

Building a successful blog or website involves a lot of content importing and exporting. However, technological differences make such sharing of files difficult. In the process, amateurs are unable to build own websites while professionals take too much time on a task that would have taken a few minutes. To...

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WordPress Plugins For Effective Blogging

If you are thinking of using WordPress in developing your website, you join the top 35% of the world hosting their sites on the platform. The platform has been regarded as one of the best for bloggers. It is extremely user friendly, easy to customize, and will not require a...

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Online Reviews Are Biased

In the present article, the authors discuss issues associated with online reviews for products and companies. Although online reviews are commonly regarded as honest feedback from the customers prospective clients can rely on for making their decisions, it is only one half of the truth. The second half is that...

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Ethernet Specifications

Ethernet can be defined as a way in which computers within the same local area network, commonly referred to as LAN are connected. D'Ambrosia (2010) notes that ever since the 1990s, it has been and remains to be the most common method of connecting and linking computers together. The main...

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Internet Gaming Disorder

Some gamers commonly suffer from Internet gaming disorder. Nevertheless, they do not recognize that their interest in gaming might be an addiction. According to Karim and Chaudri (2012), the number of gamers is constantly increasing, and 10 to 15 percent among them are game addicts. From this perspective, understanding the...

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Internet Addiction

According to Simsek & Sali (2014), the internet can be a deceitful tool. While filled with opportunity and used for scientific and educational inquiry, presenting opportunities for social media membership, the internet is also something that presents an opportunity for internet addiction. This is just what Simsek & Sali (2014)...

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Net Neutrality Argumentative Essay

Net neutrality is imperative, a good foundation for the internet which must be protected. It is the backbone of the internet and it promotes freedom of speech, social equality, and offers equal opportunities for business growth. Net neutrality is a guiding principle for the Internet, one which preserves the right...

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Regulating Online Behavior in a Global Environment

The reason it can be difficult to regulate online behavior in a global environment is because the internet itself is global, and it is impossible for one jurisdiction to regulate internet content or behavior that exists in another jurisdiction. Also, any attempts at restricting internet access or behaviors often fail...

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Network Management Alerts

There are many different aspects of network management systems that are utilized for the purposes of bringing an alarm, event, or alert to the attention of a network manager through the use of event categories and event based transactions. Through the process of reviewing several of the different available options,...

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The Internet of Things

That technology has changed life in the 21st century is undeniable considering the utility of enhanced communication in personal as well as professional life among other positive changes. The internet of things (IoT), defined by Nowodzinski, Łukasik, and Puto (2016) ‘a cohesive system where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into...

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The Good and the Bad of the Internet in the Workplace

Problem StatementAdvancements in technology have not only changed the ways that employees in the workplace work but also their interactions. Technological advancements have enabled devices lots of internet devices within the workplace. The availability of internet in the workplace has both positive and negative effects on employee productivity (Colucci, 2012)....

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Wireless Internet Security

An unsecure wireless network can be a treasure trove of malicious hackers, hell bent on retrieving our personal information for their own nefarious purposes. A hacker can literally destroy you life as he/she can have access to our inner most personal details. A home network is a network of interconnected...

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Internet Information Providers

This industry is very attractive for incumbent organizations. Facebook, Twitter, and Google all have an established presence and foothold in this sector. Judging by shares and price, each of these companies is doing very well as they all have high market capitalizations. According to Yahoo, Google’s market capitalization (as listed)...

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Internet Access

Nina Wakeford goes to pains in order to refute earlier claims that the internet existed in a plane apart from human physicality and its limitations by opting to look at how England’s internet cafes have become a means by which “virtuality” becomes a “social accomplishment” (Wakeford 381). The connection between...

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The Impact of the Internet: Technology, Information, and Communication

The impact of the internet on technology, information, and communications is completely revolutionary. Whereas, prior to the internet, all of these processes were done in person and were performed manually. In today’s business world, the internet is how business transactions are performed—business and the internet are synonymous because businesses could...

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How the Internet Affects the Brain, Social Behavior, and Psychological States: A Threat to Human Existence

The internet has not always existed; though it is difficult to imagine a world without it. In fact, the internet has changed much about human existence, such as the way that brains develop and function. Social behavior has been greatly impacted by the development of the internet. Moreover, our base...

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The Internet and the World Wide Web

Regardless of one growing up with computers or being introduced to them at a later age, imagining a world without internet is a difficult idea to comprehend. Internet plays a number of roles in the society today, ranging from research and educative purposes to social interaction with one another. The...

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Are People Becoming Too Dependent on Computers?

When the question is whether people are too dependent on computers, there are no simple answers if only because the society has shifted in ways making the computer virtually necessary. The Internet permits access to limitless services, from banking to social media, so an exponential quality is created. The more...

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Sony Pictures Hack

Cyber crimes and internet frauds, as well as newly coined term, cyber terrorism has long ago become the reality of modern life. This is despite the fact that some two decades ago the terms sounded rather as something exotic, as something, that has not much in common with the lives...

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Computer taking off in the Cloud

Business benefits of cloud computing Cloud computing on a large scale offers various information technology services to start-ups and small business enterprises that do not own the computing infrastructure necessary to support their operations. On a small scale cloud computing offers large business organizations with data centers to store their...

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