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Installing CSV Importer Plugin in WordPress

Building a successful blog or website involves a lot of content importing and exporting. However, technological differences make such sharing of files difficult. In the process, amateurs are unable to build own websites while professionals take too much time on a task that would have taken a few minutes. To...

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WordPress Plugins For Effective Blogging

If you are thinking of using WordPress in developing your website, you join the top 35% of the world hosting their sites on the platform. The platform has been regarded as one of the best for bloggers. It is extremely user friendly, easy to customize, and will not require a...

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Online Reviews Are Biased

In the present article, the authors discuss issues associated with online reviews for products and companies. Although online reviews are commonly regarded as honest feedback from the customers prospective clients can rely on for making their decisions, it is only one half of the truth. The second half is that...

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Ethernet Specifications

Ethernet can be defined as a way in which computers within the same local area network, commonly referred to as LAN are connected. D'Ambrosia (2010) notes that ever since the 1990s, it has been and remains to be the most common method of connecting and linking computers together. The main...

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Internet Gaming Disorder

Some gamers commonly suffer from Internet gaming disorder. Nevertheless, they do not recognize that their interest in gaming might be an addiction. According to Karim and Chaudri (2012), the number of gamers is constantly increasing, and 10 to 15 percent among them are game addicts. From this perspective, understanding the...

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