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Internet Addiction

According to Simsek & Sali (2014), the internet can be a deceitful tool. While filled with opportunity and used for scientific and educational inquiry, presenting opportunities for social media membership, the internet is also something that presents an opportunity for internet addiction. This is just what Simsek & Sali (2014)...

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Net Neutrality Argumentative Essay

Net neutrality is imperative, a good foundation for the internet which must be protected. It is the backbone of the internet and it promotes freedom of speech, social equality, and offers equal opportunities for business growth. Net neutrality is a guiding principle for the Internet, one which preserves the right...

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Regulating Online Behavior in a Global Environment

The reason it can be difficult to regulate online behavior in a global environment is because the internet itself is global, and it is impossible for one jurisdiction to regulate internet content or behavior that exists in another jurisdiction. Also, any attempts at restricting internet access or behaviors often fail...

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Network Management Alerts

There are many different aspects of network management systems that are utilized for the purposes of bringing an alarm, event, or alert to the attention of a network manager through the use of event categories and event based transactions. Through the process of reviewing several of the different available options,...

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The Internet of Things

That technology has changed life in the 21st century is undeniable considering the utility of enhanced communication in personal as well as professional life among other positive changes. The internet of things (IoT), defined by Nowodzinski, Łukasik, and Puto (2016) ‘a cohesive system where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into...

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