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The Internet of Things

That technology has changed life in the 21st century is undeniable considering the utility of enhanced communication in personal as well as professional life among other positive changes. The internet of things (IoT), defined by Nowodzinski, Łukasik, and Puto (2016) ‘a cohesive system where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into...

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The Good and the Bad of the Internet in the Workplace

Problem StatementAdvancements in technology have not only changed the ways that employees in the workplace work but also their interactions. Technological advancements have enabled devices lots of internet devices within the workplace. The availability of internet in the workplace has both positive and negative effects on employee productivity (Colucci, 2012)....

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Internet Information Providers

This industry is very attractive for incumbent organizations. Facebook, Twitter, and Google all have an established presence and foothold in this sector. Judging by shares and price, each of these companies is doing very well as they all have high market capitalizations. According to Yahoo, Google’s market capitalization (as listed)...

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Internet Access

Nina Wakeford goes to pains in order to refute earlier claims that the internet existed in a plane apart from human physicality and its limitations by opting to look at how England’s internet cafes have become a means by which “virtuality” becomes a “social accomplishment” (Wakeford 381). The connection between...

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The Impact of the Internet: Technology, Information, and Communication

The impact of the internet on technology, information, and communications is completely revolutionary. Whereas, prior to the internet, all of these processes were done in person and were performed manually. In today’s business world, the internet is how business transactions are performed—business and the internet are synonymous because businesses could...

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