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How the Internet Affects the Brain, Social Behavior, and Psychological States: A Threat to Human Existence

The internet has not always existed; though it is difficult to imagine a world without it. In fact, the internet has changed much about human existence, such as the way that brains develop and function. Social behavior has been greatly impacted by the development of the internet. Moreover, our base...

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The Internet and the World Wide Web

Regardless of one growing up with computers or being introduced to them at a later age, imagining a world without internet is a difficult idea to comprehend. Internet plays a number of roles in the society today, ranging from research and educative purposes to social interaction with one another. The...

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Are People Becoming Too Dependent on Computers?

When the question is whether people are too dependent on computers, there are no simple answers if only because the society has shifted in ways making the computer virtually necessary. The Internet permits access to limitless services, from banking to social media, so an exponential quality is created. The more...

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Sony Pictures Hack

Cyber crimes and internet frauds, as well as newly coined term, cyber terrorism has long ago become the reality of modern life. This is despite the fact that some two decades ago the terms sounded rather as something exotic, as something, that has not much in common with the lives...

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Computer taking off in the Cloud

Business benefits of cloud computing Cloud computing on a large scale offers various information technology services to start-ups and small business enterprises that do not own the computing infrastructure necessary to support their operations. On a small scale cloud computing offers large business organizations with data centers to store their...

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