What info did I receive that impressed me about this career?What really impressed me about this career is the fact that an officer has the task of being responsible for employees and managing the various organization’s resources. Handling employee’s issues in terms of recruitment, promotion, working conditions, conflict resolution, ensuring equality, remuneration and payment, and disciplinary procedure. I like that as a Human Resource Officer all the employees’ issues are at your door step.

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What info did I receive that distressed/worried me about this career?
I was distressed by the workload that comes with this career. For instance, in a large organization with almost 1000 employees it is so overwhelming for the HRO to handle all the employees’ issues that comes up. Reviewing salaries and promoting personnel can be a very hard task if the HRO is working alone. Additionally, it is can be hectic for the HRO to come up with amicable conflict resolutions that will be binding to all employees.

What was the most useful thing I learned from conducting the interview?
I learned that HROs are the managers of employees, and that without their input the human factor within the organization may fail to produce output. It also came to my knowledge that when an individual applies for a particular job within an organization, a HRO is the one in charge of reviewing the application and making sure that the applicant has the necessary qualifications, before the applicant is approved to take up the job.

What personal skills or qualities are critical for success in this career?
Communication and listening bring about success in this career as they are the most important personal skills and qualities needed by a HRO. Critical thinking, persistence, courage and determination are also crucial. Since a HRO’s job description entails handling employees’ issues, on a daily basis, it will be critical for the officer to be able to listen to the issues that employees present, and after critical thinking provide feedback through good communication.

What would you suggest I do at this stage of my college experience to help me prepare to enter your career? (I am in my freshman year)
At this stage of your college career it is important that you learn how to interact and communicate with people who have different characteristics, backgrounds, and belief system. By being able to interact with such people, you are able to drop preconceived notions about people, and as a HRO, it will be easy to listen and communicate with your employees in future. More importantly, put your studies first.

If you had to do it all over again, would you choose the same career?
Yes, I will do it again, I love working with people. Especially, when these people are my employees and all of us are working towards a common organizational goal. My job as a HRO of ensuring that they have the right qualifications, they are paid the right salaries, subjected to good working conditions, given more training when needed, is so satisfying to me.

What are the most difficult or frustrating aspects of your career?
I face difficulty when the employees’ problems cannot be solved since it is my job to ensure that their working conditions are perfect. When employees cannot get promotion or salary increase due to one reason or another, on my part it becomes so frustrating. At other times, I become frustrated when I have to take a disciplinary action against an employee, or when I cannot find an amicable resolution to a conflict.

What steps did you take to find your current position?
The first step I took to find this position was developing interest on this type of career choice. Thereafter, I applied to take a graduates degree on Human Resource Management at the university. After graduating, I applied for this position and the organization reviewed and liked my qualifications, after which I was employed. Interest and academic qualifications made me find this position.

How does someone advance in your career?
In my career, a person can advance through upgrading his or her academic qualification. A person with diploma in Human Resource Management can go back to the university and advance his or her studies and graduate with a degree, masters, or even go for PHD. Additionally, having years of experience working as a HRO can advance your career.

During a typical day’s work, what do you spend most of your time doing?
On a typical day, I go through numerous employee records to analyze their performance. When the organization has put out a job vacancy advertisement, I review all the application emails and letters, and determine the level of qualification. At times, I get to have various meetings with a number of employees with the objective of resolving any issues that they bring to my attention.