In the movie, Titanic, several techniques are used that help to draw the viewer in within the first ten, even five minutes. Titanic is based on the historical event of the Titanic ship sinking, resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives. In Titanic, there are several techniques that are used in the introduction of the film that help to attract the viewer’s attention quickly.

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As the film first begins, old black and white photos are used to portray just how monumental the event of the Titanic was. Pictures of families onboard and off of the ship are shown, waving goodbye to their loved ones or even strangers. A sad theme song is playing, as if foreshadowing the sad ending of this grand ship. In the pictures shown, it as if the excitement can be felt again, as the people back then knew how large of an event this massive ship was as it sat in port.

In this way, the old pictures, sad theme song, and the individuals shown in the pictures create an emotional pull to the film. This instantly involves the viewer, as they are able to put their selves in the shoes of those onboard the Titanic, or bystanders who saw the ship depart. It is a bittersweet feeling almost. The viewer is instantly drawn in to follow what will happen next, although they know how the Titanic’s future will proceed.

The next scene shown involves actual footage of the ship underwater being discovered by ship salvagers. It is almost haunting to see such photography of the actual Titanic. One can easily see how this ship, even in its underwater state, used to be such a grand and opulent ship. As the salvaging team proceeds to investigate the ship with their robotic underwater machines, they explore the Titanic, revealing various rooms and artifacts that are almost perfectly preserved. Even if one is not drawn to movies that center around a tragic love story, this story is still interesting as it involves an actual and monumental event in history.

As the team investigates the rooms, music is played that seems to echo from another time and era. They come across a ballroom that had a beautiful chandelier, which is still almost completely intact. The emotional pull of the film tugs again, as the viewer is forced to consider the lives that were lost in this event, and what all their lives entailed before the actual sinking. Images of couples dancing in the ballroom, dining in one of the private bedrooms, or a little girl playing with her doll (the doll that was found by the ship salvagers), cross one’s mind.

Moments later, the discovery of the jewelry safe is made, which holds the artistic portrait of the naked woman. This is what initiates the tale of the love story in Titanic. Though this story is not exactly true, the events surrounding this are, which gives the movie a large degree of credibility.

It is not too far fetched to imagine that there were indeed several instances of love stories onboard the Titanic during her voyage. The viewer’s attention is peaked even more as they are emotionally drawn to see what role this painting plays, and who the woman is in the drawing. The incorporation of music, fantastic footage of the Titanic underwater, and the beginning of the love story are all significant factors that aid in establishing the interesting introduction.

In summary, there are several aspects of the film Titanic that help to draw the viewer in and maintain their attention. Through the use of music, the emotional pull of the photographs, the music, and the beginning of a love story, the viewer’s attention is captured.