Question 1Acting ethically pertaining what is right or wrong especially when it comes to standards of a profession. The Lockhart’s did not act ethically in their deals with the Sewaks. I would term their actions as a violation of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. As the owners of the house, they knew that the house lacked the column and worse of all is that while undertaking the renovation they had not acquired the right building permits. The absence of the structural column was of great danger to the Sewaks because consequently the house would collapse (Schubert, 2014). Since shortly after the Sewaks moved in they noticed that not all was well. The kitchen floor was not level, doors were not in alignment, and both floors were sagging.

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The Sewaks were on the right track by investigating and discovering the absence of the structural columns for themselves. It will be unjust if the law imposes a legal duty on them. They had to hire a consultant to investigate because of the things that they saw after moving into the house.

Question 2
The case involves the fundamental interests of the parents to guide the religious future as well as educating their children (Kraybill, 2003). Given that the Amish children desire to attend high school despite their age as well as the objections of their parents. If they violate the Wisconsin compulsory school attendance law, then the parents will have to be fined. Protection of the children should override everything including the religious beliefs and the traditional community. Education is very essential in the preparation of the citizens to effectively and intelligently participate in the political system at stake. So accepting the Amish position is the same as admitting ignorance. It is the duty of the state to protect the children from ignorance. Going to high school will be the best option for the Amish child.

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