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Investment Theory

I personally do not believe pairing bond ratings with additional services is acceptable due to the fact that bonds are meant to be rated at the time of issue. Furthermore, the bonds and the issuers undergo periodic reevaluation to check if any alterations in the ratings are warranted. As such,...

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How To Win Investors Over

“How To Win Investors Over” by Baruch Lev is a 2011 journal article that discusses how to properly engage with Wall Street and to interact with shareholders in publicly traded companies. influence investors when they are swayed by information and distracting for managers. Lev states that managerial relationships with investors...

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Savings and Investments

Savings, by definition, is any surplus money set aside in a secure place and which is accessible upon demand. By contrast, investment is money injected into a specific project, usually long term, with the aim to make a sustainable profit. The two terms mainly differ in terms of the risk...

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Virtual Stock Exchange Experience

Portfolio managers usually play a vital role when it comes to investing the finances of companies as well as their investors. A good portfolio manager is a difference of whether or not you as an investor will make huge sums of profit or lose money on the way. By taking...

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Financial Investment

I have chosen two technology giants, Microsoft and Apple, as potential stock investments. Microsoft is one of the leading software companies, primarily popular for its Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft’s stock symbol is MSFT and it is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The 52 weeks range...

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