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Ricardian Model of Comparative Advantage

The theory of comparative advantage refers to the capability of one country or a party to produce a specific good at a relatively lower marginal costs as compared to another (Ricardo, 1951-1973). The theory attempts to explain that when one country is better placed to produce a good cheaply than...

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US Financial Markets

Introduction Financial markets refer to a combination of markets where diverse products are traded. The products that are traded include derivatives, foreign exchange, equities, bonds, stocks and fixed income securities. Financial markets provide a platform for businesses and companies to be able to reduce risks, raise money to grow and...

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Waren Buffet Investment Advice

Buffet disagrees with low taxes of very rich people, however he would not agree with the rise of taxes for middle class, according to his CNBC interview and he is a supporter of the current president policy. At present, he is thinking about hiring a new CEO of his company...

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The Impact Of Recent Political Changes In India On Foreign Direct Investment (Dfi) Levels

Introduction Political factors are vital in explaining foreign direct investment (FDI) trends. A considerable number of finance and economic studies have shown that political risk is a critical factor in determining investment or capital flows into or out of the country. Investments in a majority of developing and emerging economies...

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Understanding Entry Modes Into Chinese Market

The business environment of the Chinese market is considered to be dynamic and especially in its essence. The business environment welcomes new business entrants from various countries and demands commitment, skills as well as long term strategic planning in order to stay afloat. Foreign companies that intend to start business...

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Point of View Paper: IBM Watson’s Shortcomings Investigated in STAT Report

The article IBM Watson's Shortcomings Investigated in STAT Report is published in the online Health Informatics Magazine. The article focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) program named Watson in healthcare. Watson helps physicians to identify primary information in a given patient’s medical record to determine possible variations of...

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Apple Tax Ruling ‘a Serious Blow’ To Irish Investment

Ireland’s FDI may be in jeopardy. Ireland has been considered to be a tax haven especially for corporations such as Apple. But the recent European Commission ruling requiring that Ireland pay up to €13bn in compensation for Apple back taxes is very damaging to Ireland’s international reputation and makes the...

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Investment Project Analysis

Investments are essentials in an organization as they enable the generation of revenue that run the entity. An organization should always consider analyzing different projects before making a decision on which they can put their income. It is because different projects will always have different returns that have disparities regarding...

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Mortgage Investment Fraud

Abstract During crime treatment in prisons such as the one that is available in various facilities across correctional explanations, it is important to ensure the understanding the effects of drugs such as marijuana in improving the attainment of what would be ‘addiction in coloration to crime prevalence.’ It also becomes...

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