iPhone headsets, now christened the “AirPods” are wire-free and wireless headsets designed and produced by tech giant Apple. Inc. They were introduced into the market when Apple launched the iPhone 7. The AirPods have no wire nor do they have jack that connects to the phone; additionally, they have no wires that connect the two earphones together. They are truly wire-free and wireless and only connect via Bluetooth. These headsets, compared to other emerging wireless or Bluetooth headphones are very intelligent and can wirelessly connect to one another and easily connect to your iPad, MacBook, iPhone, or Watch.

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The AirPods are white in color and are very simple in design, something that Apple is synonymous with. These ‘Pods sit in one’s ear opening, and have a small rod that protrudes out, down the face. The protruding outer rod is sensitive to touch; as a result, it allows one to pause or play music, or even engage with Apple’s Siri. It is important to mention that the AirPods’ design is somewhat similar to that of wired EarPods that also come in the iPhone 7 box; the only difference is that the AirPods are wireless and wire-free.

The fact that these headsets have no connectors – are wire-free, they can only be charged using the charging case that accompanies them. It should be noted that this charging case is also a battery that offers more juice when one is on the go. It is small – almost similar to a dental floss box in size – meaning that it easily fits in one’s pocket or bag. The AirPods come with a guarantee of at least five hours of listening time when charged just once; additionally, the charging case – battery – also offers up to 24 hours listening time. You do not have to worry about this headset running out of charge.

There are concerns with regards to what happens when one either loses the headsets themselves or loses the charging case. These gadgets are very small and are also very light; they can easily be lost or misplaced within days. It is unfortunate that they do not seem to have a lost-and-found attribute that could enable tracking if they are misplaced.