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Iran’s Increasing Economic Influence in Iraq

The Iranian economy and regional dominance continues to grow even after the United States and other Western countries imposed sanctions on the nation. The economic sanctions were re-imposed during the Trump administration, which was a move to weaken the nation’s bargaining power in the nuclear deal. The nation’s trade with...

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US-Iranian Simulation on Decision-Making

The United States has had a difficult relationship with Iran. Officially, it can be said that before 2015, the United States and Iran had not had a relationship for almost 38 years. It was in 2015 that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was signed between Iran and the...

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Understanding Iran and the Iranian Revolution

The dominant powers in the Middle East today are Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. How they achieved this status, and why they are so classified, is a complex story. But the classification is at least roughly correct. Israel and Saudi Arabia have become the powers that they are largely because...

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Saudi Arabia and Iran

The Middle East has been an integral part of global history since the beginning of the 20th century. That is, during this time, their economies have grown significantly, mainly due to vast oil reserves, making them of particular interest to countries that consume a lot of oil, such as the...

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Political System of Iran

The assigned country for this paper is Iran. The country’s political system is unitary. Iran’s regime type is nondemocratic, in particular authoritarian. The governing model of Iran is a combination of theocracy and “illegal democracy”. The electoral system is hybrid. The judicial review is concrete. State Political System The state...

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Movement Of People, Products, And Ideas Into And Out Of Turkey, Iran, And Afghanistan

Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan are countries found in central Asia. The three countries have a common history of sharing ideas through movement of people and products. Iran lies between Turkey and Afghanistan. The region is mostly inhabited by mostly Muslims who belong to different ethnic tribes. For the last one...

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Iran’s Nuclear Program: The Military Escalation and Political Intimidation

While nuclear power can be used to meet country’s energy needs, it can also be utilized for milacious purposes. Despite serious concerns and stern opposition from the international community, Iran continues to march ahead with its nuclear program. No one can deny the destructive power of nuclear weapons and in...

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Iranian Revolution

On the introduction part of the Iranian revolution, a definition of the Iranian revolution can be clarified as an event that was made to overthrow the dynasty of Pahlavi under the regime of Mohammad Reza who during that time had support from the United States of America. according to Afary...

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Iran Military Escalation

The Israel Iran escalation has been occurring for several years. In fact, the cross-border strikes that have occurred in the past few months symbolize a dangerous but predictable escalation. Since 2011, Israel has attacked Syria hundreds of times. Perhaps one of the most notable attacks was the suspected poison gas...

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Internet Communications and the 2009 Iranian Election

The internet has existed since 1983. However, its widespread usage did not begin until the mid 1990’s. Since then, other services and devices to communicate have been created ranging from pagers to cell phones and laptops to tablets. All of these have increased the way we all interact with our...

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How to Contain Iran

The issue of Iran has been very divisive, and it has divided Americans. While this is common among many issues, the interesting thing is that it has divided Americans within each political party. Furthermore, the anti-establishment, anti-war side seems less inclined to a war or military confrontation with Iran, while...

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Iran, UAE and International Justice in the New Global Community

The renewal of a nearly 100-year-old dispute between Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over three islands in the Strait of Hormuz is illustrative of a long and painful political evolution. The conflict, which has its roots in an older Balkanized, post-Colonial Middle East, is playing out in a...

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Fars News Agency

Background of News Agency Iran has several news agencies; both independent or private, and government controlled agencies (Shahidi). Fars News Agencies is amongst the many independent news agencies operating in Iran; with its headquarters in Tehran, Iran. Abbreviated as FNA, the news agency describes itself as “Iran’s leading independent news...

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Iran Nuclear Deal

Contemporary geopolitics is significantly shaped by nuclear programs of individual countries, which often cause international concern due to the shifting power and potential political and military crises. Iran Nuclear Deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was an attempt to reduce the threat of increasing nuclear...

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Iranian Culture Vs Maldivian Culture

Introduction The Islamic Republic of Iran is located in Western Asia and is a country of deserts and rainforests. The Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and is an island country. While these nations have different histories, speak different languages, observe different forms of Islam, and basically...

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World Trade Analysis—Iran

Part I—Country Profile Iran is a large country in the Middle East which borders Iraq on the west, Saudi Arabia on the southwest, and Afghanistan on the east. It was known as ‘Persia’ until 1935. It also borders the Gulf of Oman on the south, the Persian Gulf on the...

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The Sovereign State of Iran

With a history of balancing pro-Western and anti-Western regimes, Iran is a country facing major internal and external threats (Axworthy, 2016). The country’s political history is riddled with revolutions and overthrows. Nonetheless, Iran still produces a wealth of scholars, maintains a relatively impressive economy, and continues to be a major...

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The Islamic Iranian Revolution

Iran has been a center of controversy in the recent years. Particularly, the nation’s poor relations with the United States have dominated the international political arena. Apart from the United States, Iran is also not in good terms with its Gulf neighbors such as Saudi Arabia. The United States and...

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Iraq And Iran: A Comparison

Although each work has a different focus, there are great similarities between Faleh Abdul-Jabar’s Ayatollahs, Sufis and ideologues: state, religion and social movements in Iraq, Abbas Amanat’s Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Shiism and Homa Katouzian’s, The Persians: ancient, medieval and modern Iran. Theology There are clear differences among the writings...

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Iranian and American Cultures

Recent political events in the United States and decisions made by new president have turned public attention to Muslim countries. While it is clear that American and Muslim cultures operate from different standpoints in terms of values, rationality, and priorities, a closer look reveals substantial similarities in key domains of...

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