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War: Applying Levels of Analysis to the War in Iraq’ and ‘The Prisoners’ Dilemma’

President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney were all key policymakers with regards to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Their personalities, ambitions and backgrounds all contributed to the stances that they took, for example it has been argued that Rice was motivated by a desire to emulate President...

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The Tyranny of Militias in Iraq

An investigation of the Shia militia combatting ISIS has revealed a terrifying reality. The militias formed to fight ISIS but have taken control over the region and are now more feared by the locals than ISIS, itself (Navai, 2016). After examining all that has happened, it is not hard to...

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Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

In this day in age, many people understand the reason why American troops were sent into Iraq in the first place. It all goes back to terrorism and the attempt of the United States government to thwart the growing power of terrorist factions in the area. The wars in the...

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The Unlikelihood of Kurdish Independence

The fall of Iraq, the civil war in Syria and sociopolitical changes in Turkey are creating grounds for the Kurds to increase their calls for independence. These calls are complemented by the growing political influence of the minority community in the Middle East. Baghdad has been the focal point of...

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Women in Post-invasion Iraq

The military invasion of Iraq by U.S. and British forces in 2003 presented what Nadje Al-Ali and Nicola Pratt refer to as a ‘gender paradox’. The military invasion, according to the U.S. President George W. Bush, was prompted by an urgent need to get rid of Weapons of Mass Destruction...

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Ottomans in Iraq

Introduction From the 16th – 20th centuries, Iraqi history had been affected by the ongoing religious conflicts that had occurred between the Islamic Ottoman Turks and the Islamic Safavid Empire in Iran (Rogan, 2015;, 2018). Shia Islam had first been declared by the Safavids as Iran’s official religion and...

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Kuwait And Iraq War 1990

Kuwait and Iraq war began in August 2, 1990 after Iraq invaded Kuwait. The war is also known as the Persian War. It ended in February 28, 1991 after the intervention of the United States and the condemnation of Iraq by the international community led by the United Nations. The...

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Iraq and Yellow Birds

It’s a strange concept to think of a country as a character in a book, but with the question asked, it does seem that Iraq and Afghanistan play a specific role in each of these stories. Iraq provides Bartle with the foundation on which he is able to rebuild his...

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Iran’s Increasing Economic Influence in Iraq

The Iranian economy and regional dominance continues to grow even after the United States and other Western countries imposed sanctions on the nation. The economic sanctions were re-imposed during the Trump administration, which was a move to weaken the nation’s bargaining power in the nuclear deal. The nation’s trade with...

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American Presence in the Middle East

In May, 2014, US President, Barrack Obama revealed his long anticipated plan that a residual force of about 10000 US troops will continue their operations in Afghanistan and Iraq after the end of combat operations in December. By the end of 2015, the number will be reduced to half and...

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The Gulf War

The Gulf War took place from August 1990 to February 1991. It was precipitated by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. It was commonly known as the ‘Iraq War’ before the United States invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003, coopting the term. Iraq’s invasion, led by President Saddam Hussein, was roundly condemned...

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Research Proposal for US Foreign Policy in Iraq 2003

One of the most influential events of the past 15 years was the US invasion of Iraq. The invasion was highly controversial and resulted in a lot of backlash against the United States. Recently there has been an increased effort to fight ISIS in Syria and many claim that this...

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Iraq after the U.S. Invasion

The research will focus on democracy which is a broad concept that refers to the rule by the majority. Ideally, in a democracy sovereign power is vested with the people who may choose to either exercise directly or through elected representatives. Many countries across the world have adopted democracy as...

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Iraq War (2003-2011)

Iraq War, also known as the Second Persian Gulf War, lasted from 2003 until 2011. The war was initiated by the U.S., with major support from the U.K. as well as minor support from certain other allies. The origin of Iraq War lies in Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990...

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Iraq for Sale: Movie Review

In the film, Iraq for Sale the author, Robert Greenwald tries to expose the unskillfulness, corruption, and greed among private contractors in Iraq. The movie was a little horrifying to watch because of the brutal murder and torture of Blackwater employees. The murder of the employees was just a single...

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Iraq And Iran: A Comparison

Although each work has a different focus, there are great similarities between Faleh Abdul-Jabar’s Ayatollahs, Sufis and ideologues: state, religion and social movements in Iraq, Abbas Amanat’s Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Shiism and Homa Katouzian’s, The Persians: ancient, medieval and modern Iran. Theology There are clear differences among the writings...

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The Iran-Iraq War and the CBRN

The 1925 Geneva Protocol, an international treaty, specifically disallowed the use of chemical and biological weapons in warfare. While there were other instances of violations of the treaty, by far the most high-profile is the case of the Iran-Iraq War, which lasted from 1980-1988. Partly because of the international reaction...

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Causal Factors of the Iranian Revolution 1979

IntroductionThe following is an analysis of the domestic policies of the Shah of Iran concerning the economic factors that were the dominant reason the Iranian Revolution of 1979 took place. Further analysis will look at the ideology of Ayatollah Khomeini that was the second most dominant causal factor behind the...

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Reading Analysis of the History of Iran and Iraq

During the 19th and early 20th century, the current territories of Iran and Iraq were controlled by the Qajar Persian/Iranian dynasty with regard to the former, and the Ottoman Empire with regard to the latter. Between these two geopolitical powers, who shared clearly shared borders, there was a natural tension...

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Between Iraq, Iran, Syria and a Hard Place

Over the last two decades, the world has experienced a myriad of challenges regarding peace and stability. In most cases, the situation embraces overthrowing of regimes such as in the case of Libya, Iraq and more recent in Syria. A majority of the governments have not been changed for years...

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