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Is College Worth It Essay

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The host in the video wonders whether college degrees are always worth the financial and time investments they require. The video is aimed at a diverse range of stakeholders including current and prospective students, employers, academic institutions, policymakers, and the larger society. The host tries to persuade the viewers that we, as a society, should stop stigmatizing those without college degrees because not all professions benefit from having a college education, and they are lot of well-paying jobs with decent salary yet unfavorable image such as plant managers.

I do agree that college education is not always required but I consider such cases to be in a small minority. I am of the opinion that college education is worth it, not only for economic reasons but also because it teaches us skills that are useful outside jobs as well. The video reports that college degree almost doubles one’s annual income. The video also mentions that college degree holders are significantly less likely to be unemployed than those without college degrees. The video does present convincing arguments that college degree is not always worth it. The host mentions jobs that do not require college degrees yet pay six-figures salary. The college degree may also result in significant financial debt as the average debt held by a college graduate is $27,000.

The host cites WSJ for figures related to incomes and unemployment among college degree holders and those without college degrees. This gives credibility to the statistics because WSJ is a reputed business publication. While the host does mention jobs that pay high salary yet do not require college degrees, these jobs are quite few as compared to the size of the labor market. As a result, this argument is not quite convincing because only a small minority of those without college degrees will get it if they do apply for it. The majority will actually benefit from getting a college education. The video does not change my opinion because competition is getting tougher and employers have higher expectations from job applicants.

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