Facebook is a form of social media that is really popular nowadays in Western Countries and probably also you reading this essay have an account. This essay is going to speak about a big issue that is underestimated nowadays, and could damage relationships between people in mainly three aspects in a negative way. This essay also considers that Facebook and social media can have positive impacts on people, and that Facebook is a way that a lot of people are able to have relationships that they couldn’t have without Facebook. The overall conclusion is that Facebook is more often a negative influence on people and relationships than if Facebook didn’t exist at all. We need to be more in touch with reality, and Facebook takes us away from reality into a dangerous fantasy land where everyone’s life is better than ours.

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To begin with, it seems that people don’t care anymore about their privacy and post every single event on their wall, only for make see the world how beautiful their life is. Most people post only the good things about their life, and when you constantly see post of people happy, smiling and party. Psychologists say that Facebook is leading to a sense of unhappiness with their lifestyle, and in some extreme cases people got depressed.

Furthermore, if posting amazing picture about the lifestyle everybody wants, it will create a lot of jealousy. Sometimes, this is the intention of the person who is posting the pictures. But, sometimes there can be misunderstandings about pictures that were posted. Let’s say that you are at home doing anything and you are just checking your partner page and you see that the girl that always wanted to be with him just liked his picture, this lead to jealousy. In fact, they did a research where a lot of the people break up after seeing something on a social media that they didn’t know, so many people are influenced by what they see on social media. Besides this, people don’t understand that the purpose of social network is to connect with your friends, and not to create incomprehension between people.

Additionally, Facebook changed the way relationships can go because you can break hearts online by leaving him or her in public, before everything was more intimate you needed to speak with her and not explain to all the people when you change your status. As I said before also in this case it makes people feel more jealous and alone when they see that the person they just broke up with is having such a good time and they are at home depressed. Facebook has become a public place to embarrass your ex. At the same time, it is a place that you are embarrassed. Sometimes people don’t think a relationship is “real” unless they have updated their status on Facebook.

Third, there is a new phenomenon where people behind a screen feel so powerful and start cyber-bullying because nobody is monitoring what people say on the socials they can write whatever they fell like or posting embarrassing photos whenever they want, and it could easily be spread around. Many people underestimate this, but it could get very serious like with Tyler Clementi that he decided to commit suicide because he posted a video of him kissing another guy, and people started sharing it and commenting not only on the video but on his “wall” with insults. Tyler Clementi was so hurt by the insults that he exposed himself to, that he had to commit suicide. Obviously this is an extreme example of how Facebook can negatively affect our feelings and lives.

On the other hand, a lot of people argue that Facebook is not at all a thing that makes us feel lonely. Facebook is a lot of people’s way of unwinding at night or in the morning with their coffee. Facebook has become part of daily routines and it provides comfort for a lot of people. I mean, lonely jealous people have always existed. In one way, Facebook just makes better or worse the type of person you already are. The situations described above, Tyler Clementi, or the way that social media sites can cause people to get jealous, are the worst part of Facebook. But really, everything that exists has good and bad things about it. So, Facebook has a lot of good things that should be looked at before it is thought of as something that makes us lonely and jealous. How about the way that it lets families that live far away from each other see pictures and communicate everyday? Or, the way that Facebook lets us connect with people from our past. These are things that are positive influences on our happiness, so Facebook is not all bad.

Also, Facebook gives lonely people a way to not be lonely. What I mean by this is that Facebook lets people who can’t go out in the real world, like disabled people, or people who live far away from other people, talk to each other and have relationships that would not exist without Facebook. These relationships are sometimes the only relationship that some people have. Even though this is sad, if Facebook didn’t exist then these types of people would not have any relationships at all. Therefore, these people would be more lonely without Facebook than with Facebook. But, overall, Facebook seems to have more dangerous possibilities than benefits. It seems that Facebook has changed our entire lives, down to the way that we behave in all of our relationships.

Finally, Facebook is a social network that changed radically the relations but knowing how to use safely internet could improve the situation because now is creating a lot of jealousy and feel of loneliness. Facebook is not a healthy place for romantic relationships. It seems like what is most important in a romantic relationship, trust and intimacy, are both horribly violated by constant posting of private lives on Facebook. This is a world where we are slaves to the technology we have created, a world of self-interest, self-image and especially self-promotion where we share our best experiences but not our real emotions. What this means is that Facebook isn’t real, it is Fakebook. Everyone puts up a bunch of pictures that make their own life look way better than it actually is. Since everyone makes their lives look better than they are, other people try to compete with better pictures, better Fakebook lives. Everyone is convinced that the lives that they see on Fakebook are real, and this does lead to being unhappy, lonely, and jealous. We are a generation that live for their phones, computers and don’t realize what is going on with what surrounds us. Shut your devices and go and live your real life with real people, and love them don’t depend on a “like”.