When we examine a religion that is different from our own, in this case, Islam, we look at the five worldviews. The first is answering the question of how the world came to be. Was it God? Was it science? What does this religion say brought us here? This is also known as the question of origin. The second we answer what makes us human what separates us from the animals roaming the earth. If we are more important than the animals who or what makes it so? Every religion believes that humans were placed on the earth for a reason. Examining the meaning of life has past the time of philosophers since the beginning of time. So it is only natural that this would be one of the worldviews that is examined. Lastly, we have to discuss life after death, and what code of behavior do we have to follow to end up in paradise.

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Cultural relativism is tells us that in order to understand another’s morals and beliefs, you would have to understand their culture as well. When one studies the worldviews of Islam, one will be surprised to find that Christians and Muslims are not as different from each other as the world would have us believe.
Islam’s creation story states that first Allah separated the heavens and the earth. It is written in the Qur’an that the earth went through a smoke-like phase. Whereas in the bible, God simple said “let there be light” (Genesis 1:3 King James version) According to the Qur’an the world was created in six long periods of time. In the book of Genesis in the bible it says that the world was created in six days and God rested on the seventh day. Muslims believe that Allah created all the creatures including the angels. While Christians believe that all things come from God, there is no mention of angels in the Christian creation story. Christian and Muslims share the belief that God / Allah breathed life into Adam. Both agree that man was not only created first but placed above the animals.

In the Christian story, Adam was tasked with caring for the animals. In the Muslim creation story, all creatures including the angels were commanded to bow before Adam. In both the belief that man’s purpose is to give honor and glory to god and to serve god. They both believe that humans are given free will. With this free will they are to choose to submit to God. For Muslims, their belief is all about being tied to their creator. So they say their humanity is in their “Islam,” which mean their level of submission to Allah. In the Christian perspective what it means to be human is to be imperfect but to ask for forgiveness. The reason for mankind’s existence is to worship. “I have created the jinn and humankind only for my worship.” (Quran 51:56) In the Christian belief system mankind’s purpose is to love and serve their God.

In the Quran and the bible there are The Ten Commandments this is how believers determine what is right and wrong. Both worldviews believe in life after death. Muslims believe that Allah with come collect all creatures that he has created and judge them fairly. After judgement, send them to their final resting place. Christians believe the same. In fact the bible’s book of revelations says exactly that. God is going to come back collect his believers and leave the rest on earth to give them an opportunity to convert, and then everyone goes to either heaven or hell.

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