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Five Pillars of Islam

Islam is a religion with a number of practices and requirements, but easily the most interesting aspects of Islam are the so-called “five pillars.” These are five things that every Muslim must do during his or her life. These things are interesting because they apply to all Muslims around the...

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Islamic Design: History and Contemporary

This research paper seeks to focus on the history of two of Islamic features: the Minbar and Muqarnas. The Minbar is a necessary element in any mosque because it is the pulpit from which the imam delivers khutbah. The Muqarnas is a decorative and supportive vaulting that consists of tiny...

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Joshua Dunning’s Conversion to Islam

There are many who believe that an understanding of history is necessary in order to understand the world around us, why society is the way it is, and, perhaps most importantly, it is necessary to understand our sense of self. Joshua Dunning, a young man in his early thirties is...

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Islamophobia Essay

For centuries, differences in skin color, cultural beliefs and religious beliefs have been the focus of hate, prejudice and xenophobia. The American culture has a passionate history that is rooted in acts of distrust, suspicions and racism toward groups of individuals that look different from them or that they do...

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Ideology and Doctrine of Radical Islamic Movements

Greame Wook in the ‘What ISIS Really Wants’ presents a set of arguments regarding the perception of the Islamic ideology in the American public discourse. Mainly, the author distances from the general perception of the ideology, often portrayed in the international media and presents a set of two misinterpretations that...

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Comparison and Contrast of Islamic Worldview with Biblical Worldview

IntroductionReviewing the Islamic and Biblical worldview looks at the unifying aspect each provides for followers of the two religions. The following is an examination of how Islam and the Bible cognitively organize the meaning of life. As a practicing Muslim and Christian become more experienced in relating the guidance of...

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Christian Theism vs. Islamic Theism

Christianity and Islam are the most common beliefs on earth. Each person is free to follow the faith of their ancestors and what is holy for one cannot be trampled by the others. Christianity is faith in God of third part of the world’s population, which is based on the...

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Christianity vs. Islam

Because of the world geopolitical situation, and largely in great part by a news media that continually perpetuates the divisions between Christian and Islamic culture, it is important to note that Christianity and Islam are not are as different as they may seem to the uninitiated. Firstly, it is important...

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The Badshahi Mosque and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Paramount to understanding the architecture of The Badshahi Mosque or the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one need consider the basic structure in which all mosques are developed. It remains true that any one particular mosque is a direct reflection of the time period in which they were erected; however, there...

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Islam and Geographic Determinism in Trans-Saharan Africa

The relationship between Islam and geographic determinism in Trans Saharan Africa between 3500BCE to 400CE and 400CE to 1200CE is far from straightforward. As [Module 3] argues, “[t]he appeal of Islam…can be found in an uncomplicated monotheism and in the simple code of ethics taught by the Prophet,” yet, the...

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Islamic Social System

At first glance, the disjunction between the clear commitments to social justice within Islam and how Muslim nation-states function in reality suggests that there is a certain gap between politics and religion. However, in the particular case of Islam, this gap between what can be termed the sacred world and...

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Islam and ISIS

The terrorist organization ISIS, also known as Daesh, claims they represent Islam. Therefore, they named themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Moreover, they say they represent the true Islam, and the Muslims, who do not side with the ISIS are non-Muslims and deserve to be killed. We, as...

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The Private Sector in Islam

Max Weber advanced the claim that Protestantism and particular forms of Protestantism such as Calvinism were especially inclined to capitalism, to the extent that they emphasized a world-view which was above all based on individualism. For example, the Protestant tradition broke with previous tradition and stressed the concept of sola...

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Islam Around The World

There is a long and raging debate about the role of Islam in terror. Most of the terrorist organizations in the world chiefly operate in Islamic countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, creating the impression of terrorism being a part of Islam. While it is true that Muslims are more...

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Islamic Military Success

One of the unique things about the Islamic world is that, during its inception, the military forces of various Islamic countries had plenty of success in winning battles and expanding the footprint of the Islamic nations. While most know that the concentration of Muslim power started in the Middle East,...

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How Islamic is IS?

The Islamic State (IS) goes by many names, including the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the State of the Islamic Caliphate (SIC), and Da’ish (an Arabic abbreviated term for ISIL). IS found its origins in the Sunni resistance to...

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Islamic Finance and SUKUK

First of all, one shall provide the definition for sukuk in the light of the banking system. One shall be aware that sukuk are considered asset-backed bonds that comply with Sharia, in other words this assets prohibit an open exposure of interest as they have to comply with Islamic legal...

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Islamic Paper Assignment

1. Shafi’i’s contribution led the way in building the entire legal system of the Shari‘ah. Discuss his role in the development of the Islamic scholarship, particularly his contribution to the Islamic Legal Theory (usul-al-fiqh) and the Prophetic Tradition of Muhammad (hadith). Shafi’i’s contribution to the legal system or Islamic Legal...

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Islamic History Overview

According to the readings, the Ayatollah Khomeini objected to monarchy. Islam, as a religion, does not recognize monarchies or other hereditary forms of government. When the Ayatollah attempted to take power in 1979, he wanted to abolish the monarchy that had been formed. He had originally supported the idea of...

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Islam vs Christianity

When we examine a religion that is different from our own, in this case, Islam, we look at the five worldviews. The first is answering the question of how the world came to be. Was it God? Was it science? What does this religion say brought us here? This is...

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