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Five Pillars of Islam

Islam is a religion with a number of practices and requirements, but easily the most interesting aspects of Islam are the so-called “five pillars.” These are five things that every Muslim must do during his or her life. These things are interesting because they apply to all Muslims around the...

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Islamic Design: History and Contemporary

This research paper seeks to focus on the history of two of Islamic features: the Minbar and Muqarnas. The Minbar is a necessary element in any mosque because it is the pulpit from which the imam delivers khutbah. The Muqarnas is a decorative and supportive vaulting that consists of tiny...

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Joshua Dunning’s Conversion to Islam

There are many who believe that an understanding of history is necessary in order to understand the world around us, why society is the way it is, and, perhaps most importantly, it is necessary to understand our sense of self. Joshua Dunning, a young man in his early thirties is...

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Islamophobia Essay

For centuries, differences in skin color, cultural beliefs and religious beliefs have been the focus of hate, prejudice and xenophobia. The American culture has a passionate history that is rooted in acts of distrust, suspicions and racism toward groups of individuals that look different from them or that they do...

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Ideology and Doctrine of Radical Islamic Movements

Greame Wook in the ‘What ISIS Really Wants’ presents a set of arguments regarding the perception of the Islamic ideology in the American public discourse. Mainly, the author distances from the general perception of the ideology, often portrayed in the international media and presents a set of two misinterpretations that...

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