Situation of Jews in Europe
Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French army, was unjustly accused and convicted of giving military secrecy to Germany. Moreover, the Jews were verbally and physically assaults increased during the period in which Captain Alfred Dreyfus was convicted. In addition to that, there was a rise of anti-se mitism in Austria. Many Jews also faced prejudice and prosecution in Europe. This lead to some Jews wanting to establish their own state

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Herzl solution for Jews
According to Herzl, the Jews should establish their own state outside Europe. The state will ensure that they live in a secure place where they are not mistreated. Groups such as the lovers of Zion of Russia and millenarian Christian evangelicals also supported Herlz idea of political Zionism. However, his idea was met with a lot of opposition from Jews who favored assimilation.

Possible location for Jews and why he prefers it
Herzl was influenced by nationalism of his age and he decided to fight for the Jews social justice. He preferred that the state be located outside Europe so that the Jews could live in a secure and safe place. According to Herzl, the creation of a society of Jews would raise funds and gain diplomatic support of the great powers for the creation of the Jewish state. He established contact with the British government that eventually led to the British support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine after his death. Although he was flexible to the location of the Jewish state, he preferred Palestine because of its historical and religious significance to the Jewish people. On the other hand, the Zionist leaders viewed the possibility of British Kenya as an area of British colonization, but only as a stepping stone to Palestine.