The government of Turkey appears to value a government type that is quite similar to the United States. While United States is often called a “democracy,” it is actually a republic. The Kemalism is committed to a republican form of government as well. In addition, the government of Kemalism appears to value many of the same principles that the United States does. The government does not believe that women and men should have unequal rights; rather, it recognizes that the sexes are equal. This is similar to the United States that also believes all men and women are created equal. The government is also secular, as is the United States. The U.S. believes, as does Turkey, that religion and state should be separate.

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In Kemalism, some roles are given to the state while others are given to the concept of private enterprise. The principle role of the State in economic matters is considered to be that of a builder. The government will only take over economic matters that are considered to be in the best interest of all the people. Furthermore, the government will only appropriate this industry through the passage of a law that allows the government to do so. The government recognizes farmers, laborers, and artisans as free workers. However, there are also public servants, who obviously are free to choose their work. They choose to work for the government.

In Kemalism, women are recognized as equal to men. They are considered to have all of the same rights and privileges as the men do; many people might find this surprising about a country like Turkey. Turkey should probably publicize this more frequently in the international news, as the image of Eastern and Mid-Eastern countries tend to be negative with regards to female rights. Furthermore, Turkey is a secular government. While many people might mistakenly believe that it is a government that separates religion from government.