Isóti̱ta sits high above the clouds balanced on her throne that is held up by fairness, justice, and equality. Banned from her own family, Isóti̱ta because of her differences in appearance, beliefs, and choices, she depends heavily on mankind to maintain the elements that hold her to her throne. Should injustices become the primary spirit that are lifted to the heavens, then she shall fall and she will be forced to pass through her forbidden grounds. This would not only devastate Isóti̱ta, but it would anger the other gods and the wrath would create chaos across the world.

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Isóti̱ta, unable to pass where she may be seen, drifts into the dreams of world leaders and those who she knows to have the heart and ability to maintain the necessary balance. She whispers words of guidance and presses for equality across the nations. She can be heard in the wind when groups march for equality. She can be felt in the room when legislatures are voting for equality. She can be seen in the eyes of those who cry out for justice. In all pursuits for fairness on earth, Isóti̱ta is the guiding force. She knows the consequences of injustice and she fears, not only for herself, but for all of mankind as well.

Isóti̱ta survives only through equality and, in modern times, there has certainly been a strong sense of her presence. As the modern societies continue to advance in regards for equal rights for all members of the human race, Isóti̱ta sits more comfortably on her throne. Her work is not yet completed as there are many corners of the world that are in distress, but she will not fail. She cannot fail for, if she were to fall from her throne due to the injustices of mankind, then the gods who shun those who are different, will forever rule in her absence.