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Justice in Palestine

Introduction For any society, the awareness of justice and equality are used to instill a sense of fairness among the various demographics of people. This is essential in providing stability and ensuring that all people have access to the same opportunities. All too common, however, the reality is that these...

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Jaffa and Tel-Aviv

Jaffa has become a part of Tel-Aviv few decades later after the city of Tel Aviv was formed in 1909. In particular, in 1949 Jaffa and Tel-Aviv merged together into one city Tel Aviv-Yafo. At that time, Jaffa had already existed for centuries. It is one of the oldest cities...

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Israeli Conflict

The creation of Israel as a nation-state has created significant conflict in the region, particularly between Palestinians and Israelis. Many believe that Israelis are entitled to a homeland, while others believe that the land was unfairly stolen from Palestine. United Nations Resolution 181 specified the rights of both Arabs and...

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Israel in CNN News

It is important to recognize that journalism is influenced by a number of factors. One of these is the new source for the story. A major news source in the world is CNN. This paper will examine how they portray the country of Israel in their news source. Background of...

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Israel and The United States

Israel and the United States are often allied on many matters, including the United States support for the creation and existence of Israel. This is just one point which connects the two countries, despite being on opposite sides of the world. The purpose of this paper is to compare and...

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