Collaborative technology has helped Isuzu Australia in various ways. The collaborative technology software avails communication gadgets and tools to the groups working in the Isuzu Australia and others working in different locations and geographical areas. The technologies include the elements of project management that helps with task assignments and time management practices to improve communication both externally and internally (Holmes, 2015). Isuzu Australia Limited Company has integrated collaborative technology as a means of improving communication between the dealers that is the company and the partner’s. IAL Company chose a Web sphere portal and the Web content management as the online portal and its content management systems. The company chose the two system since the two brought the best solutions that had the capability of meeting the organizations needs (Blount, 2015).

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A wiki is a collaborative software and website that allows for a collaborative modification of the structure and content from a web browser. The wiki software is used to run the contents of a wiki and can be edited using a rich-text editor. IAL uses wiki for internal collaboration like in editing the company’s rights in the web. The wiki helps in promoting of IAL’s meaningful issues and association between the company and its partners. The company uses the wiki to communicate effectively any changes and developments in their products (Brooks, 2012).

The collaborative software that is groupware has helped IAL in the production process. However, IAL may experience many problems in an attempt of implementing the groupware. The primary challenge that the company might face is the adoption and acceptance of the groupware software. Some groupware systems are never successful when implementing the system. The IAL Company might experience the problem due to interoperability issues and if the perceived benefits of the system is minimal. The result may make the adopting and acceptance of the system to hit the bottom wall. The disparity can be reduced by discussing the group benefit and the application designer must find a way of making the application seem useful within and outside the context of the group adoption (Brooks, 2012).

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