I support the fact that people should have the right to do what they want, as long as their actions do no harm anyone. If choices or what I prefer does not cause harm to anyone, then I do not see any reasons as to why I cannot do as I please. Freedom should be the rule. I believe that one should do whatever he/she wishes as long as it does not cause physical harm to someone else. Therefore, I can seek my happiness in any way that pleases me as long as I do not destroy anyone’s property or liberty.
Actions are classified as either good or bad. The consequence of an action is a variable that measures whether the action is good or bad. In that case, happiness is a consequence that results from a good action. Therefore, if what I do makes me happy as long as I do not cause harm to anyone, then I should go ahead and do it. Our choices should be a matter of freedom provided no harm that is caused to others. According to Doreen Valiente speech, she mentioned that Wiccan Rede emphasized that if it does not harm anyone, then do as you like.

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What qualifies an act to be a harm is any action that one performs as a matter of choice that affects other people either directly or indirectly. One’s choice or preference may be limited to prevent causing harm to other individuals. John Stuart Mill argues that power can be exercised over a person’s choice with the aim of preventing harm to others. Also, the France’s declaration of human rights and the citizen, states that liberty grants the freedom to do anything that pleases one provided no harm is caused to others. Hence, anyone can exercise natural rights except those that can limit others the same rights in the society.

Therefore, everyone should be granted the right to live their lives and make choices as long as they do not cause trouble to anyone. The power should also be allowed to act and, if possible, stop any act that one may perform as a matter of choice but can cause harm to others.