We decided that the best place for the actual settlement would be somewhere near water. We wanted to be near the river because this would provide us with the best chance at sustaining our agricultural economy. Likewise, this would keep us safer than going deep into the woods of Virginia.

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With the Powhatans, we want to make friends, but this can be difficult. They can be relatively difficult to deal with because there are cultural barriers. We engaged them from early on so that our interactions would be safe and productive.

Our workforce and economic activity are tied together. Because we need to do a lot of manual labor – including agriculture – we need people who are able and willing to work with their hands and backs. This means that all men and older children with the capacity to work will be a part of it. We would also like to use women as a part of the workforce.

Our primary farm products would be rice and tobacco, because those things have the highest potential. In addition, we would like to implement indigo, especially since our location gives us a great opportunity to grow those things.

The idea was to protect the water supply and food supply, thereby improving health and wealth for the colony. We lost some people to disease in the early going, but with our plan, we had the ability to provide for the needs of all citizens of the settlement. In order to become governor, all of these things were necessary. Likewise, I had to build connections between our colony and the surrounding natives. This helped me move toward a governorship.

The charter that we used was successful. It allowed us to set up our initial government structure. These things taught us about how Jamestown might have been organized. It taught us that there was a loose power structure that allowed Jamestown to move forward.

Success in the financial realm was highly probable, but this does not mean that that success for other people was probable. It was possible to exploit the resources of the colony in order to make a profit, but this did not bode well for the colonists or natives.