Japanese Schooling System has always been at the forefront in influencing implementation Ikema in the country. The Japanese language was adopted in the country from kindergarten level to the senior level. Strict rules and measures were set to punish those who spoke other languages. Due to the severe Japanese language control measures, parents were satisfied and became reluctant in making further follow ups for their children. As a result, Ikema diminished amongst the next generations. Also, media affected the language situation of Ikema. It took a reasonable proportion of responsibility towards promoting the culture of speaking The Japanese language in the society.The Japanese language was incorporated into the country’s television programs. Therefore, the decline of Ikema amongst the young generations was because the television policies were no longer in practice. Contrary to that, children’s primary caretakers and more so their grandparents influenced the development of Ikema. Children who were raised by caretakers, who were fluent in Ikema became fluent speakers too. However, other children were exceptional and could speak fluent Ikema even though their parents raised them. Therefore, interactions between the children and fluent Ikema speakers were major determinants of whether one was going to be a fluent speaker or not.
Lifestyle also played a big role in influencing the language situation of Ikema. Exposure to different lifestyles and circumstances ascertained whether one was going to be a fluent Ikema speaker or not. By moving to the societies or schools where Ikema is widely spoken would nurture one to be a fluent speaker. In retrospect to that, gender is also believed to be a major determinant of fluency amongst the Ikema speakers. Japanese men had better fluency in Ikema compared to their female counterparts because they could easily break the rules and speak the language. Furthermore, men were associated with the social groups of people who had fluency in Ikema language, for example, the fishermen. As a result, they have always developed to be better speakers of Ikema than women.

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