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Satin Doll

The piano is the instrument that is heard most during the piano. The sound of a saxophone accompanies this. The overall texture is general thin during the introduction. This is because the sounds are of tenor sounds. The piano keeps the basic tempo and the beat of the band. The...

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1920s Jazz Age

Introduction In the Jazz Age of the 1920s a cultural shift confronted America. In the cities and in the countryside, females began letting their hair down, wearing skirts, and treating themselves and their fellow men in different ways. These new ways of action and treatment of others reflect a greater...

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Jazz History: Un Poco Loco by Bud Powell

I chose Un Poco Loco by Bud Powell for the analysis because this composition stands apart among other compositions on the list. On the one hand, we easily track the traits of Charlie Parker’s style in it. On the other hand, the unusual blend of piano and drums adds a...

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Jazz Concert Report

The performance was put on by jazz students of all degree levels. It was at the Grand Street Café in Kansas City, Missouri on November 15th. The performance was hosted by UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance. The theme of the performance was not very clear, since there were performers...

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Your Eyes CD Review

During the first three weeks of the semester, I listened to Your Eyes CD nonstop. I understand that there are seven tracks total. There is one specific track that I don’t really care for and I have a few of my favorite tracks. When I first started listening to the...

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